Tuesday, 7 November 2017

What I Wore // Thigh High Boots Are Made for Stomping.

 Dress - River Island
Boots - River Island*
Necklace - Zara Taylor

I'm a bit late to the 'over the knee boots' party. I've always quite liked them, but I've never been able to find a pair that I actually like. A pair without the odd 'flap' at the front, or a pair without stiletto heels the I can't walk in! River Island asked me to choose a pair of boots and I gave these a go. They're basically socks with clunky soles and thats absolutely exceptional for me! Since choosing these I've actually gone back and bought myself two other pairs of boots - If you're wanting some winter clogs this year River Island is absolutely killing it! (I got these and these if you're interested or after a bit of inspiration)! 

I picked up a bunch of other stuff at the same time, and spent so long in there (back and forth to the changing rooms with arms full of stuff) that I was absolutely 100% being closely watched - I hope I taught those staff members not to judge when I spent a whole quarter of my wages in one go! Absolutely no guilt because its rare I actually find stuff I really really love. This jumper dress and these boots are just a little portion of my newly refreshed Autumn/Winter wardrobe - Yesss! 

Sarah x


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