Sunday, 23 April 2017

No worries in Lake Como

Jacket - River Island
T-shirt - Primark
Jeans - Topshop Joni
Sunglasses - Rayban 3025 

March just gone saw our first wedding anniversary. Time flew, just as everyone said it would, from our engagement in 2014, to the wedding in 2016. Now, here we are, no longer called 'the newlyweds,' another year on. Time really does fly, and although I'm only 28, I find myself clutching desperately onto whatever I can grab, because time is ever more insistent on haste. I made a promise to myself after the wedding - A resolution, if you will. That I'd say 'yes' to more things and deny the worries in my mind the time of day - Spend more time doing, and less time wishing and worrying. The wedding was a huge confidence boost. 
I let Dan plan this trip for our Anniversary. Normally I'd need to know whats going on, to be sure of every single detail, to be in control of it, too. A trait I appear to have inherited from my borderline-OCD Dad. But this turned out beautifully. Don't things look so much better when they're someone elses work? (Anyone else lose their appetite after cooking a huge meal? Why is that)? A reminder that I can have some time to myself from time to time, and a reminder that pushing my worries to the back of my mind won't always end in disaster, as expected. No more pandering to their needs. 

One worry that was difficult to ignore, however, was the weight I'd gained over winter, after breaking my ankle and feeling useless for a while. Then, I had plenty of time, and I couldn't use it as I'd like to. Paint the house, plant the garden, nope. What torture it is to spend all your time watching time. Anyway, I'd gained weight and felt unable to dress myself. Half because nothing I owned actually fit, but half because I felt unlike myself. As soon as I was able to stand long enough to prepare something simple, we started getting ourselves back on track. No more pandering to those worries. Time to deal with them. By the time we'd gone to Lake Como, Dan had lost 3 stone, and I had lost 1 and a half. We had ourselves back to how we felt and looked on our wedding day, and we had an absolute blast in Lake Como.

Also. The Mulberry Lily. Worth every bit of time I spent working for the dollar. 

Adios Amigos
Sarah x



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