Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Rose Gold Perfume // Monsoon Fragrance


Rose Gold Perfume 50ml - £35 Monsoon 
(On sale currently at Boots for just under £20)!

Rose Gold is still going strong well into Autumn/Winter, and whilst Monsoon isn't the most obvious place you'd look to for perfume, this gorgeous design is surely enough to catch the eye with its luxurious feel. The design is quite simple, centred around the signature rose gold feel, matched with the straightforward teardrop design and a statement box. As you'd probably guess, the scent itself also features roses quite prominently. The fragrance is elegant; with top notes of citrus, floral heart notes, and decadent woods, keeping it kind of musky. Overall, its feminine, but rich and opulent.
At first spray, its pretty average to me. But, on my skin, it gets better with time and after half an hour I'm a little bit in love with it. And then it lasts all day.  Thats the best thing about this perfume; How long it lasts. It remains strong throughout an entire day, and that is what keeps me reaching for this more and more often recently! Definitely one to try if you're a lover of floral scents - Just give it chance to develop before turning it down.

Have you tried this one yet?
Sarah xx

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