Monday, 3 October 2016

The Perfect Base // Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation and Naked Colour Correctors


Urban Decay Naked Green £17.50
Urban Decay Naked Peach  £17.50*
Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation £27 

I was always pretty certain I've found my favourite foundation. Lancome is usually the one for me. However, since tanning a lot around the time of our wedding, I couldn't find a colour match, and ventured beyond Lancome, only to learn that the range of foundations are so much better than they always seemed to be years ago! I'm a paley again now, but still not 100% transfixed by my Lancome foundation anymore. I heard good things about this foundation. Apparently it gave similar coverage to Estee Lauders double wear. Say no more, amigos, I'm in.

I've tried a few correcting products over the years, and instantly, these colour correctors are my absolute favourite. They're much easier to blend than the other cream/pencil formulas I've tried, and they're absolutely packed with pigment, so you only need a tiny amount. I use the green to neutralise red spots and the area around my nose, and I use the peach liberally under my eyes in an attempt to disguise my lack of sleep. 

With these in place, alongside this 'All-Nighter' foundation, there is no need for concealer, at all. The coverage of the foundation is indeed heavy and very matte, but I don't find it as cakey as double wear, or in fact at all, really. A single pump is enough to cover my whole face, and half a pump is just enough for a very natural look (I do this for work). You do need to work with it quickly, though! Buffing brush at the ready, no time to stipple! 

It does oxidise a little on me, so I would 100% recommend you try it out before you commit to a shade. I was matched to shade 2.0, which looked a little pale at first, but as it settled it quite quickly seemed to match perfectly, though it doesn't really oxidise beyond this during the day. I've worn this to work (in a sweaty hospital where I am a very active Physio) and its lasted with no need for touch ups. 

All in all, mega impressed. I've only ever looked to Urban Decay for eyeshadows, but after hearing about the coverage of this foundation, I just had to try it. Let me know if you've tried it too - And what else I should try from Urban Decay! 

Sarah xx

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