Saturday, 16 July 2016

Summer treats // Healthy Alpro Smoothies

As a bit of a summer (if you can call it that) treat, I've been playing out with ingredients to create a few delicious smoothies with Alpro and their smoothie platform. Its a bit of an inspiration tool based on the idea of 'food pairing,' matching a bunch of ingredients I wouldn't have usually thought to put together to bring out the best of tastes; (raspberry and coriander is AMAZING) and its super fun to experiment with. 

Here are a few recipes that I've tried through the smoothie platform. To give 'food pairing' a go, you'll just need to click through the online smoothie platform. You'll just need to choose a 'base' Alpro product to start, and whack the rest of your chosen ingredients together in a blender. If you prefer your smoothies a little thicker, choose one of the plain big pots, though the coconut milk is my favourite for a thinner smoothie base.

200ml Alpro Original Soya 
(I didn't have a tangerine, but the recipe does include one)!

200ml Alpro Original Coconut Milk

 200ml Alpro Simply Plain Yoghurt

By far, my favourite smoothie is the 2nd. I never would've thought of pairing coconut milk, raspberries, peach and coriander, but it is almost to die for and is an instant recipe book save for when friends come round. Second in line is the apple, banana and walnut smoothie, though I'm wondering whether this thick smoothie would taste even better frozen. In the past, smoothies have been made up of just a mixture of fruits and vegetables for me, so it was a bit of an eye opener to add things like walnuts and coriander. I definitely need to experiment more! 

What are your favourite smoothie recipes? 
Sarah xx

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