Monday, 23 May 2016

An Exciting Brew // T2 Tea

Tealeidoscope Teacup and Saucer £25*

If I told you that tea was overrated, I'd be a cruel liar. I've slowly grown into a tea lover over the last 5 years of knowing Dan. When I was younger, the stuff puzzled me - I couldn't understand why seemingly everyone was so obsessed with something that to me, was tasteless and boring. I honestly don't know how I ever had the audacity to question this, but its very obviously a thing of the past. 

As my love for tea has grown, I seem to have an ever growing collection of mugs. Some folk prefer a matching set, I prefer to pick one up every time I'm drawn to one. I need bigger cupboards. Now, though, I've pretty much finished off my collection. Behold this Moroccan style teacup from T2, in all of its beauty. Its got a perfect little handle, encouraging a pinky pop, and it begs for a more sophisticated brew. No Yorkshire Tea here. With this set, I received tea leaves to infuse into my teacup; here begins pretending to predict my own future. Wouldn't this make the cutest gift? A box sure seems expensive, but half a teaspoon seems to provide enough for a strong cuppa, and so I reckon this will last a very long time. 

Honestly, I've always been a lover of Chai, Peppermint and Chamomile tea, but I'm now set and ready to venture into the vast T2 range that I've been shown. Variations are vast, and I'm super keen to try their green, and herbal teas. Turkish apple and cinnamon, Creme Brûlée, and Green Rose. Don't they all sound utterly delicious? I can believe I'm this excited about tea! 

I've spotted a store opening soon near me in Milton Keynes - Eek, move over Whittards.
Have you tried anything from T2 yet? I need recommendations please!
Sarah xx



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