Monday, 1 February 2016

Wedding Prep // Alternative Photo Guestbook

 8x10 20 page photobook £170 Photo Productions
(prices vary depending on size)

A short while back, we settled on a photobook to use as a guestbook at our upcoming wedding. As photographers ourselves, we've seen all sorts of alternatives, and we wanted to keep it relatively simple, and have something special to look back on. We particularly like huge frames, with signatures and well wishes surrounding a picture of the happy couple - But we thought it would only take one person to deface it and its no longer suitable for the wall (with my family, its possible haha), so we decided to use a photo guest book by Photo Productions, adorned with images from our engagement photoshoot, ready for guests to sign around. 

I put a lot of albums together, and it does take hours, but I always have a template by said album company to work with, make my own templates and the like. I found this process a little strange. I just sent the images in, and they were put together. As someone who spends ages choosing the images to go together, and making sure they are in alignment perfectly, I found the choice of layout a little strange. Bearing in mind I asked for space around each image for 'signing space,' I still would've liked consistency in the image heights (like the second album image, rather than the first where all images are completely different heights -  It hurts my OCD tendency). Saying that, I haven't a doubt in my mind they wouldn't have changed it a million times if I asked them too, but for the purpose we wanted it for, it was fine. I absolutely can't fault their service, they were responsive, and always polite - There isn't enough of this around anymore, and its priceless! I only ask that one day, they have a template system - That'd make me a 'come back again and again' customer, and we'd probably offer them to our clients, too! 

The book itself, is absolutely worth it. With an acrylic front and back, the book feels heavy and solid to handle. When you're investing in a lot more than a cheap photo box, you're likely to expect something that will last a lifetime, and I've no doubt these thick pages with a flawless lay flat and clear print quality will smash that. I can't believe how many people still go for a cheaper cost over supreme quality - The lay flat pages itself provide a luxury feel that a cheap coffee table book will never match, let alone the thick pages and clarity that professional images crave. They're better than GraphiStudio albums, anyway, which is what so many pros provide as wedding albums (and we don't like). Recommend? Definitely! 

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