Tuesday, 9 February 2016

An All-In Dog Subscription Box // Wagglepets

It started with a beauty box, and now theres a subscription box for all sorts of things. Hair accessories, sanitary goods, baby bits, and now, the best of all in my opinion, a doggy maintenance box! People joke that we treat Penny as our baby, and as silly as it may sound, I guess we do just that.  I wouldn't trade her for the world, but as I've been looking where to cut money to save for the wedding, I've come to realise how much owning a dog really costs! With her insurance, high end no-grain food,  flea treatments, joint supplements, toys and treats, it really adds up.

Wagglepets is a dog subscription box, indeed. But really its so much more than toys and accessories. This bundle also includes a monthly delivery of food, a high end insurance policy, and some funky gadgets, too. They've even thought about doggy litter bags..! As an example, Penny's first box included multiple packs of Pedigree Dentastix, plenty of poop bags, bedtime lavender biscuits, training treats, a huge 20kg bag of RSCPA dry kibble, a Whistle activity tracker (yes, a dog fitbit), and the start of a More Than pet insurance policy. Since then, we've received more food (more than she can even get through), more treats, toys, poo bags, and other bits. 

Large dogs usually cost approximately £140 a month, so although this seems quite expensive initially, its pretty good value considering it contains *everything* you need for your pooch. 

You can sign up here, AND get 50% off with the code:  SARAHB50
Enjoy! S xx



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