Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Decoration Ideas // Filling Gaps with Shelving

Crate - Next
Bust - M&S
Clock - Next

Foil Print - DottyRocks
Bird Ornament - Dunelm

 Copper frame - Paperchase
Pineapple - TKMaxx

One part of our house I'm forever messing about with, is our floating shelves. We swore we would chop up some old wood and make our own shelves, or at least add a rustic veneer to some cheaper shelves, but as it happened we ended up throwing these up, to save money and just keep things simple (not that either of us actually did the dirty work of putting them up - Thanks Dad). They're pretty cheap from most hardware shops - I think all 8 of ours cost£120. Much cheaper than a custom cupboard would've cost, if we went down that route! 

I'm constantly changing where things are - One week hoping for a minimalist look, and another wanting the shelves to be a little more functional, and then putting it back to its usual mess. We've spent a fortune on high end photo frames for our wedding, so they'll be the first thing to be replaced, but other than that I'm pretty stuck at the moment, with how I really want them to end up.

One thing I'll always stick with though, is proportion. I have a bit of a rule with shelving - I halve the shelves, one side of the shelf can be 'cluttered,' i.e two items or more, but then the other half needs to remain clear, with just one item. Then the shelf below or above, will be the opposite. I feel that this way, my inner feng shui can settle. It just has to be in proportion! Obviously the crates at the bottom kind of throw this whole concept off at the moment, as it keeps to have become my wedding organising corner, but this will all change eventually! 

Do you have shelving in alcoves like this?
What have you done with it? And how would you improve this setup?
S xx


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