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Organic, Healthy, Inspiring // Riverford Recipe Box // Review

Riverford Organic Recipe Box £34*

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I'm a huge lover of food. Naturally then, I'm well up for the idea of pre-prepared recipe boxes. As lazy as I can be, sometimes my interest in preparing a nice dinner is feigned, and instead we'll end up with a batch cooked chili, soup, or other relatively inspiring things. In fact, whilst we've both been super busy with work and planning our wedding, this is pretty much what we've been living off, and its a bit boring, to say the least. 

Riverford Organic Farms may just have been successful in lighting a bit of a fire within my inner cook! Three recipes are provided within a single recipe box, alongside with all of the ingredients, mostly at exact required measurements, eliminating any waste! The scheme was started by Guy Watson, who started delivering locally, but is now delivering around 47,000 boxes a week - Eek! The idea is that you choose from a range of recipes, and those organic ingredients are forwarded onto you fresh from the farm. This box would've cost £34, so its quite pricy, but it is organic produce, its good fun, inspiring, and still way cheaper than a single meal out somewhere. 

The box I received was compiled with a guest chef, Anna Jones, who is rooting for vegetables! This suits me fine, as I'm always wondering how I can make a meal without meat interesting, and have no idea where to start! The first meal I made was the Beetroot curry, with spiked cottage cheese, which is now an absolute staple in my mental recipe book! I did find the recipes quite wordy and found that for some reason mine didn't really look like the final image, but I was still really chuffed with myself, and even Dan (the biggest meat lover I know) really enjoyed it after initially turning his nose up at an all-veg dish!
This exact 'guest chef' box is available to order until the 6th November, and if my beetroot curry isn't enough to tempt you, you can see what else is available for this box and the others, here. You'll also notice that other 'sweet treats' and erm, wine can be added to the order as well.

Let me know what you go for if you decide to try one!
Sarah xx


  1. Can you cook for me please Sarah?! I'll bring dessert!

    1. Damn right you'll bring dessert, I am crap at that haha x

  2. This is such a lovely idea - I really love the rustic box and the way the ingredients are presented. I can't believe how much the brand has grown from the beginning - the output rate is incredible. x

    Lucy Amelia | flawedfairytale

  3. I can't say I've heard of this company but I love the idea! I'm dreadful at conjuring up ideas for dinner x


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