Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Holiday Essentials // On a bit of a budget

Suitcase - TKMaxx 
Stripe strapless top - Matalan*
White Cami - Matalan*
Black playsuit - Matalan*
Shorts - Matalan
Bag - Matalan 
Slider Sandals - Next
 Bikini - Seafolly

 Cat Sunglasses £4* Matalan

Carrera Sunglasses £98* Sunglasses Shop

 Vichy Capital Soleil Aftersun £11.50
Ambre Solaire Dry Mist & UV Sport £9
Bioderm Photoderm AKNMat SPF 30 £14
Vichy BB SPF 50 £16.50

This year we're not splashing out on a 'proper' holiday - We've just booked our Honeymoon for 2016 and we're looking forward to it like you wouldn't believe. However, we were lucky enough to have booked a wedding in Athens, and we leave tomorrow! Because its not really within our budget to splash out what with wedding and honeymoon saving, I'm massively taking advantage of some cheaper options, as well as investing in a few pieces that I know will serve me well on the honeymoon, like this Seafolly bikini thanks to the John Lewis sale, and these Carrera sunglasses! On holiday I always like to take two pairs of sunnies with me - A cheaper, by-the-pool pair, and a more established pair when I know they're not going to get smothered in sun cream. These Carrera glasses are a bit of a heavier twist on aviators and I love them, but also love this pair of tortoise-shell Matalan glasses, and they're only £4! I don't mind spending a bit more of Sunglasses if I can spend ages trying them on, and SunglassesShop has a pretty good system in place to be able to send and return for free (and lots)!

From the Matalan Holiday Shop, I chose a beach cover up dress, pair of loose fitted shorts (godsend in this weather, I've gone back for more), white cami, boob tube, bag and sunglasses and a playsuit for under £50 - And this is why its the place to check before running away on holiday - Even if it got ruined it wouldn't matter, but theres actually some really fashionable finds for a tiny price, win! I'm the same with clothes on holiday, take lots of cheaper 'holiday only' clothes that I probably won't get the chance to wear back home, and then take a few key pieces that probably cost a lot more!

Beauty wise, I'm based around sun and skincare. For sun protection I love the Ambre Solaire mist - Mainly because I'm a lazy soul and like to spray without having to pay too much attention to missing my clothes/bikini, but also because its super resilient and I'm terrified of sun damage! For my face I swear by Bioderma Photoderm, which is the only facial SPF that doesn't make my face shiny and/or white, and a tinted SPF by Vichy for days when we're venturing beyond the hotel pool. And if after that there is any sunburn (Its usually Dan), I like to take care of it thoroughly, and the Vichy Aftersun is by far the best I've ever tried. Its incredibly thick, and instantly cooling. 

Are you off anywhere nice this year? 
Light packer, or not so much? ;)
S xx



  1. Im off on holiday in September so it always means I get a chance to browse the summer sales for some bargains. I do often pop into shops like matalan for holiday basics though because they are always so affordable!


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  5. Currently packing for a short 2 days retreat then off I go to London, Berlin and Amsterdam next week! I would say I'm definitely a light packer because solo traveler with a big bag seems a little clumsy and it's also easier to navigate around don't you think? :) :) :)


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