Sunday, 31 May 2015

What I Wore // Pastel Midi and Zebra Sandals




Dress - ASOS
Belt - Topshop
Jacket - Primark
Sandals - Jones*

The weather is somewhat unpredictable at the moment, but I'm getting myself into summer mode and sticking with it anyway. I spend far too long in a week in different copies of the same uniform, that I forget whats lurking in my wardrobe. I ordered this dress just before Christmas and had never had the chance to wear it, but its just the perfect summer dress! 
I feel like I've completely moved away from mini dresses and skirts for good, its all about the midi's - My wardrobe has completely changed from my late teens, I wouldn't have dreamed of this! 
In a bit of a rush, I threw this pastel dress on (which happens to match perfectly to my watering can. This pleases me for some reason), with these pretty awesome zebra print sandals. I've always wanted some like this, but have always admitted to myself that they'd not really go with much. Screw it I say, I'm wearing them forever! 

Are you embracing 'spring/summer' yet?
S xx



  1. That dress looks gorgeous, as do you! Your outfit posts are always so lovely.
    Amy xx

  2. Very pretty dress and the photos are ever so pretty! x

  3. you are looking so pretty and this zebra print sandal is also nice.

  4. This outfit really suits you!! The dress is really pretty and I love that you styled it with a jean jacket. I've moved away from minis too, they just feel too short.
    xo Kat


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