Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Home Decor Additions & Accessories // New Goodies

Bronze Frame - Paperchase 
Yellow Phone - Flamingo Gifts*
Minimalist Duck - RoomInterior
Knitted pouffe - Homescapes

In a day where everyone (myself included) is seemingly glued to their mobile phones, I was delighted to place this vintage style phone in my living room. In matches our grey and yellow colour scheme perfectly, and I've been enjoying the concept. It took a while to actually figure out what our landline number was, and my mum is the only one that has it saved. No words could describe the thrill I got answering the phone with "Y-ello?" when she called to see how it rung! Oh I am sad...

Date Blocks - Dunelm
Cabinet - Free(!) and Annie Sloan'd with Cream paint
Wedding Fund Pot - Clintons

I picked this dresser up for free on a local buy and swap group, before we even moved in! It was a nightmare to move and store, but it was worth it! It was a very dark brown before, but I spent an entire weekend painting it with Annie Sloan's cream paint. I'm still toying withe the idea of different handles, but for now I'm happy. Although I wish I'd painted it in old white instead. Hmm.

Chandelier - Laura Ashley
Mirror - Laura Ashley 

Our dining room is a little more 'grown up,' with the chandelier and mirror taking pride of place making us look a bit posh, perhaps. Dan reckons this chandelier has pirate-boat potential, and although I've almost knocked myself out on it a few times, I absolutely adore it. When we moved in I was sure I wanted the dining room to be the centre of the house (because literally, it is) and wanted statement lighting to outline that - I think this does the job!

Small Crate - Next
Phone - Flamingo Gifts*
Bronze Ornament - Next

yes, I'm obsessed with the yellow phone. And crates. 

Small Crate - Next
Bust - M&S
Clock - Next

Strolling round M&S, I stumbled across a ridiculous gold pineapple that Dan was dubious about. He agreed to let me buy it if I let him buy this Roman bust. I agreed. Its really grown on me, and now I love it more than the pineapple! If you were looking for something like this from M&S, MyVoucherCodes have a whole page dedicated to discounts and offers here.

Radio - Roberts at John Lewis 

Lunch Boxes - Happy JacksonTed Baker*
Both from Flamingo Gifts

With age, comes excitement over decorative cushions and erm, tuppaware. To inject some fun and slightly cooler lunch options into my daily life, these fancy boxes have got me sorted. I've always quite liked the idea of Bento, and the Ted Baker box is a posh compromise between a bento box, and a normal lunch box. Ironically, the Happy Jackson box has been mainly full of salad. And fruit. When I was a kid (I'm talking lower school age) I was obsessed with what lunch box I had. I remember, age 7, being laughed at because I had a Barbie lunchbox and that was 'sad.' My parents promptly replaced it with a more credible Toy Story offering. Why were stupid things so important back then?

Candle Holder - Orla at Flamingo Gifts*

Cushions - Ikea & Dunelm
Frames - Ikea

I'm one step away from having our whole house adorned with foil prints - And these two are my absolute favourite! 

Doggy Subscription Box - BarkBeats*

Obviously Penny has to feature. Dan and I really consider her as our 'baby,' and she's an amazing companion, so obviously we like to spoil her! She recently opened her BarkBeats subscription box, and was able to enjoy a dog-friendly brownie on easter Sunday, as well as running around with her better-than-kong dumbbell toy. You can get 50% off your first box with the code 'FRIDAY' as well - Let me know if you're going to treat your pooch to one!

Her usual spot. Not so subtle people (and horse) watching.

So there we have it, a little view into our home that is coming on so well since we moved in in December! I feel grown up with true obsessions over cushions that are purely for decorative reasons and choosing fence panels. Please tell me I'm not alone!
 S xx


  1. That yellow phone is quite amazing!

  2. Love seeing all the bits and bobs you've got to add these special touches to your home. Tom and I are still trying to do this. Get the finishing touches to complete our rooms!
    Leanne x
    My new blog post... The 5 perks of writing a blog.

  3. Looks so cool all together!

  4. You got some lovely things, I love the yellow phone and chandelier they're beautiful
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  5. I'm about to move and decorate a new bedroom, bathroom, and study, so I'm gobbling up home decor posts like a fiend. I want everything!

  6. I love the concept of having a vintage phone... especially one that stands out! We actually have a shop in Northern Ireland that sells these, along with bedding and various other funky bits and bobs and I know when I come to moving out I'll never leave it haha! x

  7. Trust me I have so many cushions I’m not sure what to do with them… but I still want more! Lovely photos. PS I have that wedding fun coin collector too! 
    The Fairytale Pretty Picture


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