Saturday, 7 February 2015

Getting back on track // Bridal fitness plan starts here!

Neon Sports Bra - £6 - George*
Activewear Leggings - £10 - George*

Being in career mode and having just bought a house alongside planning a wedding, I've kind of forgotten to look after myself. So when a package of fitness wear landed on my doorstep, I decided it was time to do something. Reading over my getting motivated post, I wonder where I let go, and set to work. Although I'm still struggling to get active, I'm now week 4 into slimming world and hoping to get my half stone award on Monday. My wedding dress has already been adjusted to fit my waist, so I absolutely cannot 'let go' again for another year. As well as that, I've got this bright new fitness wear to boost myself back into the gym… Or just running around the village, I haven't decided yet, (excuses). 

The leggings are of a close fitting, but forgiving material (nothing worse than loose clothes when you're sweaty, I don't understand how everyone seems to manage it), and I'm nice and bright too. Highlighter yellow - Just what you've always wanted, right? A heads up though, if you're particularly breast blessed, you might be better off with something more specialised, but for £6 its a perfect option for us lesser breasted folk. I'm really quite impressed with the George Sportswear range overall, all I need now is some new bouncy trainers! Have a look at the whole range here, and let me know what you'd pick!

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Please share your tips and slimming world recipes too - I'm determined to get fit and toned again for our wedding/honeymoon.
S xx



  1. Ooh well done on the weight loss, half a stone in four weeks is great! I'm 'breast blessed' and literally, I have to strap these in with the biggest of sports bras haha, so annoying! I'll definitely check out Asda for gym wear though :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  2. Ooooh I didn't think to try George for sportswear, I usually go to matalan for ugly white sports bras that turn grey in the wash. They're around this price too so I may be a convert. xx

    1. Pretty good find, huh? I don't really rate Matalan for this type of thing, find things go baggy so soon!

  3. slimming world is ace isn't it, i've lost 6 stone on it.. not that you need to lose a fraction of that but that's what makes SW so great i think; it can work for so many different people

    Jade x

    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

  4. Never seen fitness wear in Asda before. I love their clothes so will definitely be looking out for this next time I'm in store!

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