Sunday, 22 February 2015

A Trio of Winter Hair Must-Haves

The extremities of winter sure do play havoc with my hair, but I'm determined to cling onto some health, with my hair being blonder, and longer too! Here are three products that I repeatedly purchase to try and excuse myself from inevitable bad hair days. 
My biggest gripe is how fragile my hair is. When I tie my hair up I'm constantly laughing at the halo of fluff around my face, and then I realise they're just snapped hairs, and thats probably why my hair looks so thin. When my hair is dry, I squirt two pumps of Redkens Extreme Anti-Snap and massage it through the lengths and ends. This is only my second bottle and I feel like it'll take a good while to build my hairs strength up, but it definitely feels more flexible, if thats even possible? I've been meaning to try the rest of the range for ages, let me know if you'd tried other anti-snap items! 
I also add a couple of pumps of quality oil (usually at the same time as the anti-snap). My favourite at the moment is the Kera-Straight ultimate oil. Its in a luxurious glass bottle and is thick and nourishing without weighing my hair down or making it look greasy. I actually run another half-pump of this through my ends when my hair is dry. I usually have a huge static/frizz problem in winter, and I've managed to keep it at bay completely this winter - I'm thanking this! 
And finally, Alterna's Rapid Repair Spray is something I've bought ever since I discovered it in one of the very first Glossy Boxes. Although I've never tried the rest of the range for some reason, this is a product that I find difficult to describe. I have absolutely no idea what it does, or how it does it, but somehow it brightens up my hair and revitalises my colour, and just makes it look pretty shiny sleek. Its expensive, but I promise you'll never live without it again.
What hair products are you currently living by? 
S xx


  1. Tempted to try these! Always trying to find good products - and I've never tried these ;)

  2. Sounds like I need all of these, Doesn't help that I keep dying my hair red ! I need to step away from the dye and dry some of that Anti Snap I think ! x

  3. Fab post honey, I've been wanting to try Anti Snap for so long! xxx

  4. The rapid repair spray sounds really useful!

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