Saturday, 31 January 2015

Pawesome Treat for Penny

Pawesome Subscription Box £16-20*

As if young Penny isn't spoilt enough, from time to time an email addressed to her lands in my inbox, and I'm usually only too happy to have her spoilt even more so. She recently received her own version of a beauty box. Well, theres nothing beautiful about it really, but its full of bits and bobs that I imagine she'd look forward to if only she knew, and a little pet orientated magazine for me too. 

The box contains 5-6 items on a monthly basis, and its usually a mix of treats, toys, with a training/technical addition too. Its pretty exciting to receive anyway if you're a obsessive dog Mama like myself, but lets just pretend its all about Penny. This particular box included a flashing light for her collar, and seeing as we've just moved to a main (very busy) road and its always dark when we take her out, we're pretty chuffed with the timing! I'm pretty certain Penny was more bothered about the dried chicken treats and edible ball (which kept her busy for a whole half an hour)!

Would you treat your pooch to something like this?
S xx



  1. I would definitely treat Jasper to something like this he would absolutely love it! He's like my actual child so i'd definitely love to get him something like this!

    Jade x

    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

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