Thursday, 4 December 2014

Our new home - Furnishing our new house!

Finally, after what felt like the longest wait ever alongside the most stressful process of our lives, we've moved into our little cottage. We've spent the last few days working hard, and changing rooms/ 60 minute makeover it is not. Must employ a large team next time. I kid - I'm pretty sure there'll never be a next time, far too stressful! 

I spent far too long trying to choose a colour scheme for the bedroom, desperate to make the most of the original fireplace without making the tiny room look smaller than it is. I was determined to get this room looking fancy as soon as possible so we'd have somewhere to relax, even if the rest of the house is still a tip, and I'm glad I did. Pretty much everything in the room is Laura Ashley, but I've compromised on the splurge by buying cheap wardrobes from Homebase (alongside this gorgeous Homebase mirror that fits right in even though it only cost £50), and using Argos bathroom units as bedside tables! I think it balances out pretty well so far, though the wardrobes haven't been delivered yet, eek! 

One day I'll source some scaffolding planks to shelve the alcoves in the lounge, but for now we're going with the floating shelves that the previous owner left behind. I'm sure soon enough I'll get over the fact that they're too small *twitch* The living room is nowhere near done yet (its not even all painted yet) but this corner is looking alright complete with my favourite Dottie Rocks print - I plan to get some huge ones for our spare room!   

Our huge recliner sofa wouldn't fit in the lounge, and so we were forced to buy new ones. Not wanting to spend an absolute fortune, we found these sofas in Harvey's at £600 for two! We're going for a slightly more modern look in here, but I don't want to overdo it and lose the charm of the old place! This Habitat cushion* holds the grey and yellow that I love so much, but has a natural hessian type base which allows a bit more of a natural colour scheme overall. Its also huge, super squishy, and pretty much perfect. I found a super cheap matching simple yellow cushion from homescapes.

Condensing my make up storage from this to a small dressing table was ridiculously difficult, but I've somehow managed it. I'm not sure how I ever allowed my makeup collection to get *that* out of control. I'm sure you know what I mean! 

Ah the little shaker kitchen, the area thats needed the most work. Actually, I managed to get most of it done before we even moved in. It was ridiculously tired and not looked after at all, but after days of sanding and oiling the sideboards back to a decent state and scrubbing the cupboards, I'm pretty happy. 

So there we have it - A little sneaky peek of our first home, a tiny victorian cottage. We've been living in a mouldy shared flat for far too long, and the hard work finally seems so worth it to have our own little mark on the map. I'm so excited to finish decorating and share the results! 

If you've posted anything like this recently I'd love to see it - I'm so nosey!

S xx


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  1. Congratulations on your first home together, how exciting! Right before Christmas too, that's even more special :)
    Amy | A Little Boat Sailing


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