Wednesday, 8 October 2014

What I Wore // Body Con-ciousness

Dress - Hybrid*
Shoes - Nine West 

Since hilariously splitting a body con dress a couple of months ago, I've accepted my fate and steered clear since. Hence why I left the house wearing this dress with jeans and a vest tentatively stuffed in my bag. I'm pleased to say that the impeccable quality managed to withstand my hips and derrier with no problem. In fact, I got several compliments and was asked where my dress was from, and if I'd lost weight. Obviously I haven't, but I'd not hesitate to blame (or thank) the clever panelling and waist shape of the dress. 

I'd been looking for an excuse to wear this for a couple of weeks, and decided to chuck it on for a wedding show we recently exhibited at. I obviously forgot that this included packing up, and it managed to stay together as I reached around, wiggled on the floor and crawled around on my knees. I can't vouch for how ladylike that looked, but I was comfortable enough! Hurrah Hybrid, for restoring my faith in the body con. 

What do you think?
How do you feel about body con?
S xx



  1. The shape of this dress looks so amazing on you! I'm very short (dead on five feet) and busty, so I always look sleazy in body-con stuff. I think it's one of those styles you have to be tall to pull off, and you definitely do.

  2. You look absolutely fabulous in this dress!

  3. Wow Sarah you look smoking hot!

  4. You look amazing in this dress.
    I did the same thing the other day with a pencil dress, but the time I got to the office I had lost my nerve and had to change into something else for a meeting. I couldn't wear a bodycon dress as I hate my body too much and get too self-conscious of anything figure-hugging.

  5. Oh lovely lady you have a dream body, that dress looks so gorgeous, I love the v shape.
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  6. This looks amazing on you !!! Check that figure !!! x


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