Friday, 29 August 2014

Fashion Foundations // Ann Summers 'Sexy Lace' Bras

Finding a good bra can feel like a mission, much like finding the perfect jeans, or flats. Scouting out a good fit instantly makes me hold myself better (is there anything worse than fidgeting all day)? BUT,  finding a set that incorporates comfort, fit, quality and style often feels like some kind of diva demand. I was pleasantly surprised when Ann Summers, a place where I don't usually look for lingerie, presented their Sam Faiers 'Sexy Lace' Collection, I was pretty impressed, though I don't like the name. These styles mostly have removable padding, dainty features and delicate lace. And the fit is like a dream. Here are my favourites, but you can see them all here:

If you happen to be a pear shape like me, you'll most likely reach for a Plunge* in times of need. Some outfits just need a little more shape up top to even out my wide hips, and I always reach for a plunge when I'm wearing a body con dress or a low V-neck. If you're looking to show of your cleavage you'll love a good plunge, and this one is super comfortable. 

Love them or hate them, the Balconette* provides a naturally rounded look that isn't so obvious. I do love a balconette, but usually find them the least comfortable so I only own a few. This one is soft, malleable and has removable straps, so its pretty cosy, if you can call a bra that. I'd be wearing this with sheer tops, and low cut round or square neck tops for a naturally full d├ęcolletage.

An absolute basic, is the classic T-Shirt Bra*, which goes mostly undetected despite its lace decoration, and thanks to the completely seam free finish. I do think that this style requires a good fit to avoid gaps at the top, but if you get that sorted this is a lingerie drawer essential that you absolutely need to invest in. I tend to wear this style for work under my lovely NHS tunics, with close fitting dresses, or as the title would suggest, a T-shirt of course.  

The most surprising of the bunch is the Underwired* bra. I usually avoid bras with absolutely no padding with fear of giving the public more of a view than they bargained for. However, the comfort of this bra has got me sold - An absolute perfect fit, and soft material, not itchy as I expected. I'll be wearing this bra confidently with sheer tops and vampy lipstick. Feeling very Ooh-la-la! 

Which is your favourite?
What are your preferred styles?
S xx


  1. I do love a good bra , theses look great :-) lovely post xx

  2. this had made me want to go bra shopping!

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