Friday, 18 July 2014

Primped N' Polished // La Prairie Cellular Mineral Exfoliator // Review

 La Prairie Cellular Mineral Exfoliator 100ml £86*

With chemical exfoliators apparently ruling the skin buffing market these days, this type of exfoliator has taken a huge back seat with me. I've recently been testing the waters with an old favourite though, and this exfoliator has had me wondering why I ever banished exfoliators from my beauty shelf. 

Smelling deliciously rosy, and with a pearly pink colour, the exfoliator presents pretty well from its simple tube. Its full of rounded exfoliating beads, with a blend of mineral gem powders. I have to admit, this exfoliator does have the horrible scratching feeling which caused me to toss exfoliators to the side initially. BUT, with a gentle and careful application, this does a grand job of leaving my skin feeling instantly smooth and soft - Something that other exfoliators of this type didn't really live up to.

Overall I'm pretty impressed, its definitely the best exfoliator I've tried, and its enough to break my anti-exfoliating blip. However, it just costs so much, and whilst I'm sure the ingredients are breaking edge, there are other products that make my skin feel smooth, too. Using this has definitely made me more intrigued about La Prairies other offerings though. I'd love to try their creams, but I just can't spend £80 on something that will be washed off!
If you feel like splashing out, you can get yourself a free La Prairie Cellular Mineral gift when you buy two items, and then if that hits £150 (Lets face it, its likely), then you'll qualify for a free huge RRP £140 gift bag from Urban Retreat Beautique. 

Have you tried this?
Or anything else from La Prairie?
S xx



  1. Sounds loveky but im the same , alot of money on a produvt thats just washed away x

  2. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to try this too and whilst I was pretty impressed with the results the price really did put me off. I'd love to say I'd be buying it in the future, maybe when I have a much better job haha.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing


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