Sunday, 29 June 2014

What I Wore // Early Summer Evening - A Midi Convert

Skirt - Great Plains 
Top - Primark
Sandals - Topshop
Bag - Zara 
Necklace - Jana Reinhardt

Its safe to say that I am a fully blown midi convert, and I have Sophie to mostly thank for that. I was always too scared they'd highlight my hated hips, when actually most styles accentuate the waist instead, and this coral skirt is my new favourite wardrobe piece. The earrings are also brand new, and haven't left my ears since they arrived. Super sparkly, and matching all other jewellery I wear, whilst still subtle enough to not have me told off at work, (my god they're strict)!

Dan and I have officially booked a wedding venue, church, and photographer (that was strange). I think its super important to book vendors who we completely trust - The last thing I want is to worry about all sorts of rubbish. I've turned away from so many vendors whose work was second to none, but their attitude hasn't clicked with me - We picked our church based on the reverend, and our photographer mainly on her openness, and cracking personality, as well as her lovely work. If I'm not comfortable, you can be the most technical photographer in the world and I'll still hate the photos - Its the same for most professions I suppose! Next thing - Swing band, what do you think?

What do you think of my outfit?
And how the heck have you all been? :)
S xx



  1. This is gorgeous !!! You look stunning, how exciting !!!! Love the earings also !! Xx

  2. A swing band would be amazing! And you and Sophie both pull off the midi's so well - you're looking gorgeous in these photos!


  3. You look lovely, that skirt is such a gorgeous colour! :) xx

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  5. A swing band sounds lovely!
    As for the skirt, I love it! I always hated midi skirts and still quite dislike body on ones, but flows skater or circle midi skirts are just my thing! You're sis a beautiful colour and looks great on you :)
    CAT xo

    What Cat Says | BlogLovin'

  6. I looove the skirt! beautiful lenght, beautiful colour *_*

    Ila x

  7. Really like that skirt, the colour suits you.
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  8. Great post,love!You have an amazing blog.Following you via GFC now,hope you'll do the same!:)

    xoxo Antonella!!

  9. Love the skirt, very flattering on you indeed. Sophie is the queen of midi skirts, too - I always think of her when I see one in a shop.

  10. Midi skirts suit you down to a T! I think midi's are quite daunting too but you'll pulled it off here. I'm loving those shoes you're wearing too. I have a similar looking pair in white but now i want a pair in black! In re: blog comment about the plaits. I *think* i know what you're talking part. Are you talking about the lumpy bumpy bit on the side of your head near your ear? What I've learnt is that it helps to braid the plaits at a 45degree angle as opposed to braiding is down your shoulder. Stick it out the side and then when you've finished the plait, there won't be all of that hair gathering up to form sticky-out bumps when you fold it up, princess leia style! Ha, I hope that makes sense?!!? xxxx

  11. Lovely the skirt, the colour is gorgeous! Sounds like you're making fab progress with your wedding planning, too, how exciting!

    Jess xo

  12. Absolutely love this look - you rock it girl! x

  13. Gorgeous outfit! Those sandals are amazing :-) I love them! Your dog is just the cutest too!


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