Sunday, 18 May 2014

Catching up with old friends // Making Plans!

A Night Out with the Girls
I went out with my girlfriends last night, but its such a rare feat these days with so many balls to juggle! It's always the way, and its a shame really. Work and whatnot take priority and our friendships and relationships are often the things that suffer, and I'm making a bid to change that. Whether that's with a phone call at the end of a hard day, meeting for lunch or enjoying a well deserved night out. Heres a few ideas

Treat yourselves to a meal at that restaurant you've always wanted to go to, but never got around to going. Perhaps you have somewhere local in mind or you fancy going somewhere well known like The Ivy. I usually prefer to go for locals and independents, or other 'slow' restaurants so we get enough time to socialise - If we're short on time we'll tend to go for Wagamamas or Nandos, a bit quicker! 

Catch a Show/Theatre
Take in the show, even if its something entirely random. Me and my girlfriends went to see a kids christmas pantomime last year, and had a whale of a time pretty much reliving our childhood (with a hip flask, classy). Ticketmaster looks after a bunch of theatre bookings too - We're going to see Singing in the Rain! (Giveaway for vouchers coming soon - Keep your eyes peeled)!

Experience Days/Visit a Winery
You don't have to hop on a ferry over to France to sample some superb wines, you can do that here in the UK too  thanks to the numerous and highly reputed English wine producers. There's Denbies in Surrey, Chapel Down in Kent and many more. Alternatively theres a bunch of 'classes' popping up on groupon all the time - Flower arranging, cocktail making and that, fun times! 

Hit the Clubs/Pubs
You may not have been clubbing for a while, especially if you have little 'uns, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't. Enjoy dressing up in one of the great party dresses you'll find in the stores at the moment and head out to a club you used to visit before you had kids and dance the night away. After going out last night I've decided I'm officially too old for clubs now, but I still love pub hopping!

A Night In/Come Dine With Me 
You don't have to go out of course. You could enjoy a night in trying out a 'Come Dine With Me' style evening and saving a bit of money. Each bring a course, or just take turns to play host, perhaps once a month? Or maybe a pamper evening where you invite beauty therapists into your home to really spoil you all, giving you massages, facials and manicures and pedicures while you enjoy a glass of wine, or two, and a catch up. Even a DVD marathon can be fun - grab a takeaway and a bottle of wine and sit back and enjoy some chick flicks while devouring Ben and Jerry ;)

P.s I'm totally going blonde again! 
S xx

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