Sunday, 6 April 2014

Favourites // Mini-Reviews // April 2014

Lancome Teint Vissionnaire Foundation £37 //
For the last 2-3 years, I've been adament that there is no foundation out there that would match Lancome's Teint Idole Ultra, but alas, Lancome have done it again. I don't believe that it has any skin benefit, being infused with the Vissionnaire serum. In fact, I think its b*llocks, and its made no change to my skin a whole bottle later. I do hate having to pay a premium for an 'extra concealer' and these 'skin benefits,' when actually I just wanted a foundation, but its worth the price tag alone, somehow. Its a bit thinner than Teint Idole Ultra, so the coverage isn't as thick,  but it blends effortlessly and looks super natural with a dewy finish, but still lasting all day on my combination skin. Lancome truly are top of the game when it comes to foundation.

Illamasqua Cream Pigment - Emerge £18 //
Having forgotten about this for a while, I recently rediscovered it amongst my make up storage and wonder why I ever pushed it aside. Its not the easiest to blend, but the colour is a perfect apricot colour and neutralises under eye circles nicely, underneath concealer. Cream pigment is a pretty versatile colour, but I find that this only works for my under eyes, so I'm pretty sure its going to last forever and dry out before I ever have chance to finish it! 

Katherine Daniels Micellar Make-Up Remover*  £19 //
This isn't just an ordinary Micellar, and it doesn't just remove make up impeccably - Its replaced Bioderma . It smells delicious, and somehow leaves the skin feeling fresh and moisturised, too. Its very similar, if not better, to the Dior Micellar, though the prices are similarly expensive. Part of me feels like I can't possibly spend £19 on a glorified make up remover, but it really is so much more than that, and I'm sure I'll miss it too much when its empty. 

Healgel Face £48 // 
I've mentioned Healgel Face previously, and its been an integral part of my morning and evening skincare routine since the very day it landed on my doorstep. Its light and refreshing to apply, sinks instantly and leaves no tackiness whatsoever. That, and my skin is lapping it up. A definite repurchase, and one of my all time favourite brands now! 

Omorovicza Gold Hydralifting Mask £110* // 
Sigh, where do I even start with this beautiful wonder product? I reviewed the Omorovicza mask not too long ago, and I'm still in love with it and terrified of it running out. Yes, its ridiculously expensive, so I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for this being on sale, because I need to stock up. I've already decided that this is an absolute must on the morning of my wedding, put it that way! 

BB Thickening Spray £22 //
After avoiding the hype for ages, I gave in and bought it in Paris as 'holiday money' doesn't feel like real money, (anyone else)? I must admit that I do love the results. Although subtle, it adds a touch of life to my fine, limp hair, and its much appreciated. It adds a nice amount of texture without weighing the hair down, in fact doing the opposite! Although I think its overpriced, its something I'll buy again if its on offer as its effortless! 

Nina Ricci La Temptation Le Ricci £35* //
One of my most reached for perfumes recently with a light sweetness, but mostly a sophisticated scent. And check out that gorgeous bottle! This is my first Nina Ricci perfume, and now I'm dying to try the rest too. I've mentioned this before here too.

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What are you loving at the moment?
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  1. HealGel Face feels so lovely to use, I'm rationing mine out to make it last longer :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  2. Love the look of that perfume bottle!

  3. I really want to try the heal gel! It looks fab x

    Mapped Out

  4. I like the BB thickening spray for when I curl my hair, it seems to make the curl last longer.
    Rubi x
    The Den

  5. Nice products!

  6. Nice products!

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