Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Mother Lovin // A Focus on Mothers Day

 Stella McCartney LILY £38 
Lancome Tresor in Love £31 
Nina Ricci La Temptation le Nina £35
Marc Jacobs Honey £33 All C/O Fragrance Direct
Mothers Day is looming (Sunday 30th), and as the most important lady in my life, I whole heartedly take the opportunity to spoil my mum and make her feel a little bit special. Although I make sure she knows I love her more than once a year, theres nothing nicer than selecting and giving a gift that is well received, so heres a few ideas from me! 

My mums idea of a skincare splurge is spending £3 for some Simple face cleanser. As someone who spends a fortune on skincare, I like to treat her sometimes with some luxury skincare that I know she wouldn't otherwise buy for herself. Yonka Phyto 58 is an early anti-aging cream for oily skin, and one I'm personally a fan of, but I think my mum would appreciate it too. Perhaps theres a back handed compliment in there regarding the 'early' anti-aging? If you'd prefer to stay away from the 'anti-aging' ranges though, their Pamplemousse is a lighter, invigorating choice. If your mum prefers the body pampering side of things, Boots stock a load of reasonably priced gifts year round, and I've picked up this Sanctuary set to add to the side of her bathroom.

Another product I love and am yet to introduce my mum to (although I've already converted Dans mum and step-mum to this), is the ever so fragrant This Works deep sleep pillow spray. My mum struggles to sleep on the best of nights, and I really ought to get her some of this, as it definitely relaxes me before sleeping. Still on the scent side of things (because the way to a ladies heart is via her nose, right)? A luxury yankee candle can absolutely never go wrong! Okay, so so far this is obviously just a list of things I love, but who doesn't love a luxury candle? And as aforementioned above, perfumes. Out of the four perfumes I was sent to sample, I have absolutely fallen in love with Lancome's fruity and floral Tresor in Love*, and Nina Ricci's La Temptation Le Ricci. This perfume reminds me of Laduree Macarons, thanks to the displays all over Paris. This one is sweet and decadant, and seriously sophisticated, in a light manner. Definitely one for the modern woman, and perfect for brightening up your mum's dressing table too - Just look at that bottle! I'm not a huge fan of the Lily* perfume, though I know my mum would love the brisk bruffle and pepper, floral based scent, alongside the more upbeat and predictably popular and carefree Marc Jacobs Honey.* I'll also be taking my mum to my favourite place, Woburn Abbey Gardens, for afternoon tea, as theres nothing better than a bit of quality time together. Just a heads up, its so much cheaper to book directly from the website rather than through experience websites (we're talking half price)! 

With all that to think about, I'll leave you with this amusing mothers day graphic. I'm definitely turning into my mum, I catch myself saying things she used to say to me far too regularly, and I don't even have kids yet! Mainly 'Is this Blackpool illuminations?' when the lights have been left on, or 'we're not paying to heat the streets,' when the door is left wide open. Oops! I can't help it! Hallmark have a competition at the moment to win a Mothers day treat, which you can enter here! 


Do you think you'd pick any of these up for your mum?
Are you planning anything nice for Mothers Day?
S xx


  1. My mum has that very candle, she loves it!

  2. Those perfumes all look fantastic! :)
    I would choose Honey for my mom I think as I know she likes it.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  3. Now I may be putting the pillow spray on my mothers day list.

    X x

  4. Love to spoil my mum to and this year I get to share my birthday with all the mummies out there x

  5. I've been thinking about what to buy to my mom as well xx

  6. hahahah hilarious hallmark card!!! :) great products you picked up!! In Italy mother's day in may 8th, I'll keep these in mind!!

  7. So many wonderful mothers day items. I love all the perfumes, I know my mum would love them.


  8. love the fact sheet :D moms rock

  9. Great knowing!.. There are many Anti Aging Cream For Oily skin out there which you can buy online too. Thanks.


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