Thursday, 27 February 2014

Help me freshen up my bedroom look!

Dan and I are in the middle of hardcore saving for a house deposit, but we're stuck in this flat for about another year. Whilst we're putting away every penny, I'm about to put aside a small amount to make this place bearable for another year. After visiting some amazing show homes last weekend, and spending half of my life on inspirational sites like Pinterest and Beyond Bespoke's little black book of british luxury (seriously, these kitchens) something just has to be done to keep me sane.  We spent an absolute fortune on our bed, mattress and fancy pillows, and I feel like we should be making the most of them, dressing them up a bit. Everything will be coming with us when we move, so I like to think its a bit of an investment rather than money down the drain. I loved this Next bedset when we first got it, but its now bobbled and has somehow changed colour, so its looking a little tired. Our other bedset is plain cream although it is egyptian cotton, but its just pretty boring. Since I posted this bedroom post, I feel like things have got a little cluttered, and I'm not sure how best to change things, just to make me fall in love with the space again!  

Anyway, I'm asking for your help! Debenhams have already helped me brighten the place up with some punchy pink roses, (which makes me crave a total colour change) I've gathered a few items I love the look of, but I'm on a serious budget and would love your hints and tips - How can I brighten this place up? 

Duvet set - Dunelm
Photo Frame  - Out There Interiors
Neom Candle - Amara
Cushion - Next
Home Cushion - Next
Wall Art - eBay

S xx

P.s I've got a code for a 15% discount on Debenhams beautiful flowers (Mothers Day soon)! The code is: MDBLOG15. Enjoy! 


  1. I am in the same predicament as you! Hope you find some affordable fun ways to liven up the place. :) You'll be in a new beautiful house in no time! time flies :)

    xo, H

  2. You could get some wall paper and do a feature wall, you can find wall paper at car boot sales or just discounted. You can move things around, that always gives a fresh feel.

    It wont be too long, then you'll be in a pretty little place. Hang in there.

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

  3. Crikey what a poser your dog is! :)
    Good luck with the decorating, it'll be worth it when it is done. I'm trying to do my bedroom at the moment, on an budget too and it's a bit hard.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  4. I know exactly how you feel, when I moved in to my rented flat I needed to liven it up to be able to spend time there.
    I found some pretty nice and 100% cotton bedding at TK Maxx, for about £20-£25 which I feel like is a fair enough price but then my bestest find was in the IKEA bargains corner.
    this one:
    and this one:
    each of them for less than £30 (and they weren't display pieces)
    Don't know what your landlord's policy is for nails and things like that in the walls, but my agency is absolutely anal about this so in the end I got painters tape and taped pictures and pretty papers onto the wall and made a big collage. It's great to see it every morning when I wake up :) Plus it cost me about £2.

  5. I am currently saving for my own place too and don't have much to spend on my current surroundings. I rely on Ikea, cheap and cheerful :)


  6. This dog is so cute!

  7. Love all the pieces you've picked - it's great to freshen things up! Your dog is beautiful - we let ours up on the bed too :)
    Bee Happy and Healthy


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