Monday, 13 January 2014

GIVEAWAY // Casetagram Phone Case

I was a bit slow on the Instagram train, but over the last few months I've been known to get a little snap happy. My camera is a bit of a chunk to carry around, so I'm more likely to whip my phone out to capture those not-important-but-a-bit-awesome moments to create a bit of an online scrapbook. Curious it is then, when that little online scrapbook makes its way onto a product encasing my phone. I've always loved the look of insta-magnets and bunting etc, but I've never took the plunge, so the phone case was a subtle, and easy way to do so! 

Casetagram make cases to fit a whole range of devices (see the full list here), not just an iPhone 4 like mine, and they're super easy to make! Just link up your account, place the pictures in your chosen template, edit, and choose your phone case colour. I went for a collage style case with black outer, and decided to keep them with their original filters - Though I did like the fact you could add a filter to the whole thing, just so they look a little more 'together,' if you so wish! 

Anyway, if you quite fancy one of these (and why wouldn't you), you can get 10% off the cases with the code 'FRIDAY10' or you can try your luck in below, to win your very own! Good luck! 
S xx



  1. I love it! I'd carry photos around with me everywhere if I could, so to see them on my phone all the time would make me happy haha :) xxx

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  3. Fab giveaway and great blog!, I saw your blog link on FB UK Bloggers group :)

    Paula at Beauty Lover xx

  4. this looks so cool!


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