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Christmas Fragrance Guide // For him, and for her


Perfume or aftershave as a gift is always gratefully received (well, it is by me anyway), but it can be pretty tricky to get it right with so many to choose from, and personal taste being so varied. Fragrance is something pretty personal, and with so many different scents to sniff before choosing one, what are the chances of getting something that the recipient will like? 

Well, I've received perfumes as gifts before that I might not have picked up to try otherwise, and they have turned out to be amongst my favourites - A Lidl, Aqua Di Parma, and a Gucci perfume are all in there somewhere, and I've repurchased all of them myself. As someone that seems to collect perfume but still begrudge buying it for myself, its a treat to discover a new scent from someone else's terms. 

A good place to start though, is the packaging. Would it appeal to the recipient, does it reflect the things that they like, and even their personality? Admittedly, its usually the first thing I look for when I pick a up a bottle. Yes, I suppose I judge a perfume by its bottle. Obviously you can't go on this alone, but its something to filter them down to a few when faced with the endless wall of perfumes in shops.

Then,  perhaps try and remember what they usually smell like. Play it safe, choose something similar, or in the same family. Even if its not too dissimilar, its nice to have a little variety, and chances are that next to a perfume they already use, its completely different. 
For example, I always wear floral fruity scents, so someone who picked up a musky scent might know its not for me. A lot of floral fruity scents seem to come in bright packaging too, so picking one of those up might be a good starter. But all in all, there are descriptions and someone else to ask, and they'll probably point you in the direction of whats popular! 

Below I'm sharing some of my favourite perfumes recently, both for women and men. If you're thinking of buying a fragrance based gift, there should be one suited for at least a few people in your life! I've added fragrance personalities for women too, just to make it that little bit easier to whittle down from the thousands out there. 


Diesel Fuel for Life Spirit // £33.95*
Dan has worn this for me, and it does take a while to settle to a floral, orange geranium touch with an amber balm, reflecting the golden colour. It has an oriental feel, and is described as masculine. I do prefer other scents, but if you know someone that likes quite intense scents (think Jean Paul Gaultier) then this could be the one. Plus, it has a base of myrrh, thats Christmassy, right?  

Paco Rabanne 1 Million // £31.50
I love the luxurious packaging for this aftershave, and theres no doubt that this is a popular one. However, this one can be quite overpowering at first. It settles quite nicely into a woody, sweet scent, but personally I'd save this for a guy who likes a good night out. Although Dan loves in, and he's a night in kinda guy! 

Paco Rabanne Black XS // 100ml £33.95
Dans favourite scent (and repurchased for him this Christmas), this is provocative and sensual. Its described as a woody scent, with a cinnamon, black cardamom and praline heart; lemon, calamanzi, tagete and sage top notes; and a base of wood, black amber, patchouli and ebony wood. To me, its actually smells quite citrussy sweet, so its my favourite too! 

The Mature Lady // Giorgio Armani Si // 50ml Set £57.99*
You've seen those Cate Blanchett adverts, right? She's a pretty good person to represent this scent. Its simply described as elegant, with a rose, neroli and egyptian jasmine heart, top notes of bergamot, mandarin oil, and lequer de cassis, and base notes of patchouli, woods, amber, orcanos and vanille absolute. 

The Happy-Go-Lucky Lass // Marc Jacobs Dot //  50ml set £44.99*
All Marc Jacobs perfumes are pretty popular, right? If its not just the bright packaging on this one, it smells juicy and floral too. Its a chic, happy scent and has a heart of jasmine, coconut and orange, top notes of red berries, dragon fruit and honeysuckle, as wells as a musk vanilla base, giving it a feminine dry down, although I find this doesn't last that long, annoyingly.

The Playful Gal // Escada Cherry // £17.99*
This was one of my favourite scents this summer, with its fun feel, with heart notes of marshmallow (yes really), gardenia, coconut and orchid, top notes of cherry, raspberry and mandarin, and a woody base. All in all, a pretty young, fruity scent which is very reasonably priced, too!  

The Classy One // Roses De Chloe // 50ml £43.95
A graceful, floral scent, with heart notes of damascene rose essence and magnolia accord, top notes of rose and bergamot, and base notes of white musk and amber. This one summed up, is Cath Kidston, but obviously from a well known, upmarket name. A warmer, rosier version than the original, so perfect for someone who likes a fresh floral, subtle but long lasting scent, carried into winter. 

The Girly Girl // Marc Jacobs Daisy // 50ml set £41.95
An all time favourite, and one we've bought as a gift this year. Carefree, flirty and uplifting floral scent with violet heart notes, strawberry top notes and a white, woody base. Girly, but without being sickly sweet. To me, this one is strong, and instantly recognisable.

And thats all! I hope this post has helped just a teeny tiny amount, even if it has just made you want to buy a few pretty looking perfumes for yourself. Let me know if you're buying any fragrances for anyone this year, and what you're going for! 
S xx


  1. Where is your wrapping paper from please? My brother is obsessed with penguins so I may need to get a roll (even though I already have three rolls of paper to use...!) x x

  2. I really love getting perfume for Christmas.. i actually hate having to pay for it myself, especially when the scents are like are pretty pricey! Plus you get the co-ordinating shower gels and body lotion in most. What's not to love!?

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  3. Such a helpful post. Although I am a girl and I love wearing Paco Rabanne 1 Million myself!

    Jess x

  4. This is such a great little guide! I always love receiving perfumes for the holidays!

    Xo, Hannah


  5. One million is the nicest thing in the whole wide WORLD!!! x


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