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Anti-Backbrushing Big Hair



When I was in my late teens, I had super short hair, with even shorter layers. Layer upon layer, until I could pretty much spike my hair at the top if I wanted to. Unfortunately, although my hair had volume, it just didn't look that great. 
Now my hair is longer, I tend to focus more on keeping it healthy and smooth, but that does mean its generally quite flat. I wasn't blessed with thick, flowing tresses, so I really need something else to give my hair some extra oomph. I very rarely resort to back brushing, but here are a few products I turn to when I fancy a bit of an extra swish over softness. 

First off, I'll wash my hair with Samy's fat hair 0 calories. I reviewed this a while back here, and because its really drying, I use this sparsely, maybe only a few times a month! Its a clarifying shampoo, and strips the hair completely of oils, making it poofy, but tangled too. And because I don't want the ends of my hair to resemble straw, I lather Big Sexy Hair Conditioner* onto the ends. Just because I want big hair doesn't mean I'm prepared to look like a scarecrow! This one smells lush, and most importantly, doesn't weigh hair down, at all.

Then I'll apply a small amount of Redken Full Effect Mousse*  through the lengths of my hair. It provides texture and volume that we all love mousse for, but without the heavy stickiness, and just with nourishment instead. I have a bunch of mousses, but this is my favourite at the moment for that reason, and such a tiny amount is needed! I'll then spritz a little Big Sexy Hair Thickening Spray* just onto the roots. It has a tiny bit of hold, so when I blow dry with a round brush later on, I'll achieve maximum anti-gravity roots (well, not quite, but it helps). A few sprays of Bumble and Bumbles Thickening Spray all over, and I'm ready for blow drying. This pretty much does what it says on the bottle, just thickens the hair all over, and adds a bit of texture too - Its quite drying, but I can't help but use this at least once a week. 

Then I'll blow dry my hair upside down, and when its almost dry, I'll flip it over, section it, and blow dry with the biggest round brush I have, and a nozzle. Usually, I'll blow dry my roots and let the rest dry naturally, just to avoid heat damage. This tends to weigh my hair down though, so when I'm after a bit more volume, I'll dry it completely with a nozzle. When my hair is dry, I'll shake my hair whilst spraying Redkens Workforce Volumising Spray all over. This stuff is seriously light, but leaves hair looking slightly windswept, in the best possible way. It has very minimal hold, but it is one of my all time favourite products. If thats not enough, Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo comes into play. Its less of a dry shampoo, and more of a texture spray, and comparable to the root dust you can pick up. It leaves hair feeling a bit clogged so I don't often reach for it, but blimey, it works amazingly at the roots for maximum volume. I wrote a full review of this over on Escentual, actually! 

What do you use for a bit of volume? 
Do you use any of these products?
S xx


  1. I'm really lucky as my hair doesn't need much encouragement to be big! If I really want to go all out I do my usual routine then blow dry it instead of letting it natural dry but it can be extreme!

  2. Love the B&B Thickening Spray, my hairdresser used the new Kerstace volume products and i was quite impressed! x

  3. I love the Bumble and Bumble but haven't tried any of the rest! Definitely want to give some of them a try.

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