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Making the most of your body shape // Swimwear

Now, most of the time I tend to 'screw the rules,' and wear whatever I want, regardless of how big my thighs look in jeans, and that prints might further emphasise them. But sometimes when I'm feeling just a little self conscious, I head towards the A-line skirts and flowing fabrics that Gok demands I wear to highlight the better parts of my body and hide away the parts I'm not so keen on. Zoggs have shown me how to identify your body type and how to make the most of it on the beach or by the pool (Theres another heatwave coming yet)!

Apple //
If you're thickest around the tummy area, and want to even this out, you can, with tummy control swimwear! Maybe focus on the bust instead, and perhaps look at an empire line which will enhance your waist. Vertical details also add and slimming effect to lengthen out your stomach area. 

Pear // 
This is me, with a smaller waist and bust, but bigger hips and thighs. I tend to buy my swimwear in separates so I can mix and match with different sizes, and its a good idea to keep the attention up top again. Bright colours and textured materials will draw attention away from the hips, and perhaps even an asymmetric style for added distraction. 

Hourglass //
If your bust and hips are around the same and you nip in at the waist, enhance and support your curvy shape with cups and control panels. An empire line will further enhance your natural shape and draw attention to the slimmest part of your waist.

Rectangle //
If your bust and hips are basically the same, but your waist isn't much smaller, adding some detail around the waist will add curves. Look for padded cups, control panels, and go mad with shapes, colours and prints to add extra femininity.

Triangle // 
If you've got wider shoulders than your hips, and perhaps a large bust, you can keep the attention on your lower half if you want to even this out. Embrace your assets with sweetheart necklines, but don't forget to look for adequate support such as inbuilt shelf bra's and cups if you need it. 

I hope thats helped! You can visit Zoggs here, and you'll find a great selection of swimwear for any body shape, and you can get a bit of further guidance with some links to suggestions.  As a pear shape I find I can make the most of my shape with ruffled bikini tops, and interesting necklines, sometimes with tie details, but with plainer bottoms. I do also like a high leg set, to elongate them as much as possible. But, sometimes, I screw it all and wear ruffled, horizontally striped bikini bottoms! Lifes too short, no?

How do you dress your shape with swimwear?
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  1. I dread getting into a costume, but this is a great post and hopefully I can find the right one soon xx

  2. After pregnancy, my body shape changed. I'm more of a pear now, from a rectangle, and this really helps.
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