Monday, 21 January 2013

REN Combination Skin Saviour // Invisible Pore Detox Mask

Combination kit £12* REN
(T-zone controlling cleanser, balancing moisturising fluids and pore detox mask)
Omega 3 Night Serum Full Size £34

I have so many skincare products that go unused. I'll either buy on a whim, or buy it after using a sachet sample or small pot that lasts under a week. I love skincare, but I'm a sucker for packaging and scent, and especially with moisturisers, and too often get sucked in.
 In reality, my skin takes longer than a few days to let me know whether a product is suited to it. I have combination skin, with an oily T-Zone and dry patches around my nostrils and chin. The oil is my biggest concern, but oil-fighting products that have been recommended to me time after time tend to send my skin into overdrive. So I guess you could say my skin is also quite sensitive. I also suffer from open pores, mild breakouts and have some old scarring/pigmentation towards the lower part of my face from the days before I discovered Avene and sorted my acne out for good. 

This is why the REN mini kit is so fab. For £12 you get a selection of mini-products to try, depending on your overall skin type, and they've lasted me a while yet. And if you don't like one, or even all of the products, then at least you've not wasted the money that full sized products would cost you. And if you like them and wish to repurchase, well you've got yourself a few mini's to travel with.

I also tried a mini Omega-3 Night Oil - It does take a short while to absorb, but its worth the wait (I just clip my fringe back for a while). There were a few concerns as to whether this might be a little too rich for my temperamental skin, but after the first time using it I awoke to reduced redness in my recent blemishes, and an overall improved tone in my skin. No blotches to be seen, which is rare for me. Now, I find this works best being used every other night to give my skin a moisture boost. The dry, flaky patches around my skin and nose are also so much better, as you'll see in the pictures below:


The star of this show however, is the invisible pore detox mask, which makes the instant difference that we are all forever yearning for. I'm not going to say its a miracle worker, because the results don't last more than a couple of days, and it doesn't completely diminish pores (Not that I'd ever expect anything to - Pores not doors)! But it does an amazing job in under 5 minutes and is perfect to use before heading out, even if you're rushing!
Simply spread a pea sized amount of clay mask onto problem areas and leave it for a few minutes to dry - Then, once its settled into your pores looking incredibly odd, rub it off gently and rinse with water. Et Voila, minimised, cleansed pores and super soft, smooth skin - A perfect base for make up. 
I'd say its similar to using a pore strip but much, much kinder to your skin, nicer to use, and with added benefits. It probably works out cheaper too considering the small amount required! If I had the full size I wouldn't hesitate to use this all over for a smooth complexion, but at the moment I'm going to use the small sized tube on my problem areas until I get my hands on the full size.

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  1. This looks amazing! I need to try it! x


  2. Hi you can really see a big different!
    I think there a problem with your comment box, i can't se what i'm writing. i use safari broswer. i'm hoping this make sense.

    1. I have this roblem too - No idea how to fix it though :( x

  3. Great review. can actually see a noticeable difference!

    Thanks for sharing,


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