Thursday, 31 January 2013

30+ Random Facts // About Me

So here I am jumping on the bandwagon. Theres no way I could've come up with 50 facts about myself, but managed to get 32! Dan came along for the ride too, he's a funny one! 
Below are the simplified 'facts' too, if videos aren't for you! 

1 // I don't like cats. They seem to want to attack me, and I'm allergic to them anyway.
2 // I make up for this with my borderline obsessive love for dogs. 
3 // I wear hearing aids in both ears.
4 // When I was 12 I had an operation to remove an extra nipple.
5 // I'm studying Physiotherapy, and was an assistant and technician before hand. Its my dream job!
6 // I just want to help people in life.
7 // When I was younger, I was a tomboy. I was the only girl in my families generation for 10 years - I blame that.
8 // I don't like sport - A lot of people think this is ironic seeing as I love Physiotherapy - Pft! 
9 // I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.
10 // I grew up in Sheffield - We moved down to Bedfordshire when I was 8 years old.
11 // I hate baked beans, ketchup, mayonnaise and brown sauce. Gross.
12 // When I was younger (14-17) I was absolutely obsessed with Lord of the Rings. 
13 // Driving is my 'me' time. I often find myself screaming along to songs or crying in the car. I commute a lot. 
14 // I drive a cute little Fiat 500, and have done for almost 4 years now!
15 // My first car was a pink/orange/salmon coloured Nissan Micra - I bought it from my Psychology teacher!
16 // I'm always cold.
17 // I was bullied at school for apparently looking like a man, being ugly and liking punk/ska/metal/rock music.
18 // I've never tried drugs.
19 // My favourite alcoholic drink is gin, lemonade and lime. 
20 // I have a pet turtle called Norman, and a yellow labrador called Amber.
21 // Shopping alone is my therapy.
22 // I hate talking on the phone.
23 // My first job was working in a call centre... Go figure? 
24 // I'm self conscious, and I have a constant battle to try and overcome it. 
25 // When I'm trying to sleep at night is the point I seem to remember little jobs, and forget where I put certain things. I can't go to sleep until they're sorted out. I have been known to spring clean at 3am.
26 // My name was picked out of a hat to avoid family arguments
27 // I'm quite childish, I don't like to take life seriously.
28 // I'm pretty lazy. I love duvet days. 
29 // Chocolate is my biggest sin. I'm a full blown chocoholic, oops!
30 // I find 'gross' stuff seriously fascinating.
31 // Real-life style scare rides scare the living daylights out of me. You know where you walk through and scary things happen? Usually involving an actor? I cry, scream and shake. Yet curiosity takes me in every time.
32 // I cannot stand suspense. Horror films... Bingo?!

Have you done one of these posts/videos? I'd love to see!
Tell me a random fact about you! 

S xx



  1. I love post's like this, you're a dog person so naturally I need to follow :).

    Picked your blog up from the #bbloggers chat, now following.

    Much love,


    1. Hurrah!! Dogs should rule the world (Nothing would ever get done though)! xx

  2. I love this post but I'm absolutely shocked to hear that you were bullied for looking like a man/being ugly - that's crazy! While I was watching your video I was thinking how pretty you are!! I'm sure all those bullies are kicking themselves when they see you now, that's for sure!


    1. Ah these were the days before I discovered make up etc, eek!! xx Thank you though my lovely xx

  3. I'm still absolutely obsessed with lord of the rings! ;) xo

    1. Haha, I still love it but I don't think I'll be at the phase where I cry over it again - That is, cry because there aren't enough hours in a day to watch them all over and over. Oh dear!

  4. I am the same with always being cold. Love the video :) Great post!

    Pipp xx

    1. My boyfriend says its a girl thing - I caant help it!! x

  5. i love these personal tags so muchh! great video<3

  6. such good facts! haven't watched your youtube properly before, so i definitely shall watch more this evening :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

    ps. enter my new giveaway to win the UD naked basics palette, real techniques brushes and essie polishes! click here.

  7. I'm completely obsessed with Lord of the Rings as well. Every New Years Eve (except the ones now that I have turned of age) I used to watch the trilogy. Best ever. The Hobbit is great too!



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