Saturday, 22 December 2012

What I Wore // Lavish Christmas Velvet





Playsuit - Lavish Alice
Tights - New Look
Shoes - Topshop
Earrings - Accessorize

Christmas is almost here - And doesn't this playsuit convey that beautifully? After lusting for weeks, I welcomed the soft velvet goodness to a prime spot in my wardrobe. Since then, I've worn it to work's Christmas party with a gold belt, and to the pantomime with the girls, and I'll probably be wearing it Christmas day, too! The rich colour looks royal and feels luxurious - Its safe to say that I'm in love, and I never thought I'd fall in love with a playsuit.

This Christmas I'll be spending the morning with my boyfriend in our flat, before going to my parents for dinner. Then we're heading to his dads to watch films and perhaps get a little merry! I actually usually enjoy the run up to Christmas, the excitement and festivities, more than the day itself, I hate the downer after Christmas, is it just me?

What are you all doing for Christmas this year?
S xx



  1. Great pictures! x

  2. That is a beautiful dress! Who doesn't love velvet? It is so luxurious! I am envious. x

  3. Gorgeous, love your hair!

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas

    Ellie xo
    MisseBlog | MisseDesign

  4. Oh Gorgeous Velvet. You look beautiful lovely:)

    Sara x

  5. Always so frigging envious when I come on your blog, your pictures, guhhhh so professional! I can't even be bothered to wipe the lense of my camera! hahahaha.

  6. Love it when you find an item and get so much use out of it just after a week! It is a beautiful playsuit, looks perfect! Great pictures x

  7. Beautiful dress!

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  9. hello
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    I offer 100 to 150 euros.
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  10. Buy MedeShe Women's Christmas Long Sleeve V Neck Velvet Maxi Dress ... Wore it to a NYE wedding and I got so many compliments on how gorgeous here

  11. Before you know it your Christmas party is days away and you've barely had a moment to think about what to wear, never mind actually buy ...Taco Bueno Survey

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