Friday, 14 December 2012

What I Wore // Festive Fair

Hat: Accessorize
Scarf: New Look
Gloves: Etre*
Long Jumper: Next
Velvet Leggings: American Apparel
Coat: Jane Norman
Bag: Zara
Boots: Hunter

I'm not sure exactly when I started loving Christmas like a kid again. The joy faded as I reached my teenage years, but over the last couple of years December is just as exciting than summer months and I want to delve into absolutely everything remotely Christmassy. Dan had a photography stand at our villages Christmas fair so I went along to lend a hand, take some festive photos and stuff myself with bratwursts and inevitably lose my toes to Jack Frost. 

I did try to wrap up warm - I bought these leggings purely for the thickness and warmth, put a cosy hat on, and popped my new gloves on. These gloves are functional as well as awesome. I know you can get gloves with touchscreen ability for use with smart phones, but thats not my main issue when I'm trying to take pictures manually on a DSLR. These gloves only half cover the index finger and thumb, leaving my two most functional digits to change settings on my camera and use my phone as normal without faffing around. 

 I'm not going to Winter Wonderland this year (It was so busy last year it was more frustrating than fun) so I'm looking for more local celebrations and its going well so far! I met fellow blogger Victoria too, who happens to live in the same village. Small world! 
Have you been to any Christmas fairs and markets?

S xx



  1. Ooo! SO pretty! Love the scarf & hat combo, plus your hair looks beautiful.

    The little fair looks great! Xx

    1. Ah thank you! I think they go alright even though they're from completely different shops! Love a bit of red! :D xx

  2. Your hair looks BEAutiful! I wish I had a red hat and scarf - it's a really cute look :) The Nottingham christmas market isn't as good as previous years but I can cope.. I just want mulled wine and roast potatoes anyway haha!

    Robyn Mayday

    1. Ah thank you! Its fading so much already but still a little darker than blonde!! I've heard good things about that market :O x

  3. You look absolutely amazing!

  4. You look so bloody beautiful xo

  5. your outfit looks ever so cosy.

    Janine (new follower)xx

  6. You look gorgeous and festive! I love the second photo, pretty lady! I havent been to any christmas markets this year :-( Have seen lots of instagram photos and it reminds me that I have to make a visit but I never have time at this time of year to get in to the festive spirit - there's always next year! x

    1. Ah thank you! Look how brown my hair is haha! Can't believe how miuch its fading already! Ahh this wasn't tooooo much of a fair, it was only small but I do love fairy lights! Have you ever been to winter wonderland?! xx

  7. You outfit look so pretty.Love it.

  8. Très jolie ces photos :)

  9. I recognise that churchyard ;) haha was lovely to meet you! I'm off to Winter Wonderland on Friday.. wish me luck! xx

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