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Skinny Sprinkles // Curb your appetite?



                                                                                                                  Skinny sprinkles sachets £24.95
                                                                                                                         Skinny sprinkles tub £39.97

This is a post I've been meaning to write for more than a while, but I wanted to be 100% sure on my thoughts. I've always had this problem -I pick at food. I often find myself checking the fridge or cupboards out of boredom and picking at anything because I don't feel satisfied, and at the end of the day I've stuffed myself up with crisps, chocolate and other rubbish that I shouldn't really be pumping into myself. When I eat a meal, I can only usually manage a small portion, and then I'm hungry again in half an hour and this is where the picking starts. 

When I was offered a trial of Skinny Sprinkles I was excited, but more skeptical. I've never really believed in stuff like this, but gave it a go through desperation. I know I'm not overweight, but thanks to PCOS, laziness, and munchies in the university library I gained around 18lb in a year, and that extra weight has proved to be incredibly stubborn and is incredibly frustrating. Studying Physiotherapy, I'd rather nip any weight gain in the bud before I *am* overweight - Because lets face it, how ironic would a chubby Physiotherapist be? Also, in order to keep my PCOS under control, I need to keep my weight down - A vicious cycle or what?

When they arrived I fell in love with the packaging - Its girly, non-clinical and most of all, discreet. I'm a little embarrassed when people tell me off for wanting to lose weight without knowing my reasons. I don't want to be skinny, I just want to be the weight I always have been and slip back into my size 12 jeans and feel comfortable.


Right - So what is it? The main ingredient is Glucomannan, and my this site tells me that this is prescribed clinically for constipation, weight loss, diabetes control and lowering cholesterol. Considering PCOS doubles my chance of diabetes, I suppose this is a plus point even though I don't actually have diabetes. It also includes green tea and a bit of caffeine for a much needed boost - Though probably not so great if you're sensitive to it though! 
Glucomannan is basically a thickener, so as you eat and drink, it absorbs, and expands. You can probably imagine that this makes you feel fuller, quicker. And it really does work. Taking 2-3 of these a day, I shrunk my portion sizes, and a salad was satisfying. As a little bit of an indicator, I can have cereal for breakfast at 8am and be famished by 10am, but whilst using these, I managed to go until lunchtime with no stomach rumbles which is usually torture for me. 
Best of all, I found it easy to stop picking, and I lost 4lb in a week. (Wish me luck from here onwards)!
Have a read of this study abstract too - The treatment group in this study lost a significant amount of weight and inches compared to their waist/hips than the placebo group! 

The formula has recently changed to add more dried strawberry, and as weird as it looks, its so much better than it was - The consistency is that of a smoothie and I'd actually say it tastes a little more like summer fruits when mixed with water. 

I can imagine a few intentions to abuse this and use it as a meal replacement rather than a snack replacement per se - Its not like that, the sprinkles alone will not fill you up and, and I speak through experience after forgetting to make something. However, if you need something to curb your appetite, this will absolutely do the job. 

S xx

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  1. These sound really interesting. May have to give them a go. x

  2. I'm so tempted but they're a bit pricy! puts me off a bit x

  3. They look interesting! I'm similar to you in that I'm skeptical of any diet aides and generally diets on a whole, but I'm glad they worked for you & what you want to do!
    I think you have an awesome figure already! (just fyi!)

    Sam xx

  4. I'm usually quite skeptical of any product that claims to help you lose weight, but as a snack replacement rather than a meal replacement, it make sense! The science makes sense for me too. The only thing that might put me off is the amount of sugar in them.

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  6. Love these so much. Especially the new formula. I crave too much so they really do the trick. Once I put weight on, it's hell to shift it with my lack of excersize. Which makes me sound lazy but not much I can do about being sick and disabled!

    Lizzums x

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