Sunday, 11 November 2012

Ojon Damage Reverse // An attempt to banish frizzy split ends

                                                                                                                   Damage Reverse Shampoo £20*
                                                                                                                 Damage Reverse Conditioner £20*
                                                                                                                   Dry Recovery moisture mist £20*
                                                                                                               Damage Reverse restorative oil £16
                                                                                                Dry Recover hair treatment £32 .50 (full size)

After a few times using the Ojon collection, I noticed how difficult my hair was to comb after using it, (cue pulling out hair and stressing out over my already thin hair). After a little experimentation, I found that this was solved by using Aussie's 3 minute miracle after shampooing, but at £20 a bottle, I really felt like I shouldn't have to add anything to the mix.

I decided to stick it out though, and see if over time, my hair would magically transform into the set of luscious locks for which I've always longed. (That, or I'd end up bald. I suppose there was only one way to find out)!
Well, this didn't quite happen, but after leaving the shampoo on for a while whilst shaving my legs, I noticed how much smoother it felt upon rinsing - So I did the same with the conditioner, and left it for a few minutes before washing it off.
I cannot emphasise how much of a difference this made. I've tried it a few times now, and after leaving the shampoo and conditioner to really penetrate my hair, it feels soft and looks shiny after drying. My hair still looks frizzy sometimes, but on closer inspection, my split ends really have improved and they aren't as noticeable as they once were - This is probably a miracle before I've even finished using them. 

The oil, I have a love/hate relationship with. I can say that without a doubt, this is my favourite hair oil, and the only one that really seems to make a difference to my frazzled hair. However, the packaging frustrates me. At first, it seemed unique and cute. That is until I knocked it over and lost half of it to my dressing table and carpet. Because its quite runny, once you've dispensed some onto your hand you need to apply it immediately before it runs through your fingers - So there you have a bottle with a lid propped on top of it and asking to be caught. Argh. 

I also love the detangling conditioning spray - Although it doesn't seem to detangle as such, its a lightweight way to add a little bit of shine to your hair after blow drying and its lovely to use half way through blow drying too for added softness, definitely something I'd buy again! 
The treatment is also the best I've ever used. Though it does smell quite stale, only a tiny amount is required (and I only use it on the ends of my hair because it is so potent) and it does a fantastic job. I probably wouldn't buy it again purely because I always forget to use these things. 

The only thing that really holds me back is the price - Even considering the quality and the time this lasts, I've always had to justify to myself why its okay to spend £24 on the Redken duo which is my usual favourite - So £40 is pushing the boundaries a little bit no matter how well it works. However, I noticed last night that with any purchase on the website, you get a free full sized shampoo and conditioner - Much more bearable, I've really had to hold myself back from buying the rare oil and stocking up on the duo!

Have you used any of these products or will you be taking the plunge?
What did you think?

S xx 


  1. They are expensive. Judging from your experience, I think I'll pass. Thank you for the review.

    1. They are expensivwe, if it wasn't for the offer I'm not sure I'd get them again - But the experience was GOOD! Despite wasting half of the oil *still bitter* xx

  2. Great review! I have never heard of these products until I have read your review about it. I am kinda concern about the price, its kinda pricey for hair care products. I could only try this if someone will give one =)

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  4. I just tried my Split Ender Pro and it worked fantastically. I did feel a slight pulling but only if i put too large of an amount of hair at one time. So smaller sections is key and it’s amazing (BLACKWOOD)


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