Sunday, 21 October 2012

T-H-X Pump Up The Volume // Diffuser Hair Dryer // Review

                                                                                              THX pump up the volume diffuser dryer £34.94

A couple of years ago, I invested over £100 on a decent hairdryer. I'd like to say that I bought it because its features sounded fancy, but actually I just fell for the red leopard print and the fact that it matched my hair straighteners. Since then though, I've never underestimated the difference smaller features can make. Features such as a long swivel cord, an even weight balance and ionic technology. Obviously, I like a good classic design too. This diffuser dryer ticks boxes here!

I was offered a pick of the new THX range to try, and chose the diffuser because I'm curious to how they work. That, and they remind me of what my mum used to use in the 90's. Its main promise was volume, and this is something I've always struggled to achieve so I was excited to see what magic it'd unveil on my lifeless hair. 
I wouldn't say that it provides amazing volume, but probably on par with using a hairbrush and round barrel brush as I usually would in terms of root lift. However, it dries hair so much quicker and is so much easier - I usually find that drying my hair with a barrel brush plays havoc on my poor shoulders. 
I love this as a standard hairdryer too, its quieter than my expensive usual hairdryer and seems so much hotter too! (Maybe my usual one is wearing out these days)! I only have one minor gripe. The power cord is so much shorter than any other hair appliance I've ever used - I have to sit further away from my mirror which is annoying, but I suppose as its so much easier to use I don't really need to see what I'm doing!

I've not tried the rest of the range, but on the basis of this diffuser, I'd say that you can expect high quality at high-street prices. The range is exclusive to Tesco too, so should be pretty easy to get your mitts on! 

Have you tried anything from this range? 

S xx


  1. This seems very reasonably price. I have had my old hair dryer for ages and really need to invest in a new one! x

    1. It is within a pretty decent price range I reckon! Definitely better than my mums which was about the same price and just whispers on your hair, pointless haha! I like a good powerful hairdryer :D x

  2. I've heard of the range but yet to see/try it. Looks pretty good! x

  3. this sounds really good! i'm desperate for a new hairdryer that dries my hair a little quicker!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  4. Thats a really good price for something that sounds so good!

    Lana, xo

  5. I want a hairdryer that won’t damage my hair too much.


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