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Discovering Bath & Thermae Bath Spa // Also, What I Wore

                                                                                                                                                                                       Pics from Thermae

As part of our little 'Discover England' promise, Dan and I decided to visit Bath. We'd never been before, but various members of Dan's family have raved about the scenery and the famous rooftop pool at Thermae Spa. I'm off to University next week to complete my final year of training to be a Physiotherapist - And with the help of a small tax return, we got ourselves booked into the spa for some much needed pampering before I return to rip my hair out for another year. 

We relaxed and explored the spa for a few hours before our first treatment - the Kraxen Stove. I thought would be like a sauna but actually, its very different, and far better. Myself and Dan sat opposite each other, in egg shaped seats, backed with herb infused hay through which steam was released. We were covered and tucked in so that the steam couldn't escape which sounds unbearably hot, but when your head is poking out of the top and remains within a normal temperature, its actually really nice. Actually, I giggled most of the way through this, it just looked so funny!

We then received a traditional full body massage each, and we were both in the same room, with two massage therapists. Now, I've never, ever had a professional massage before and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous so it was nice to have Dan beside me. Having a strangers hands on your body is incredibly intimate, but thats not what bothered me most. I was worried that there might be a repeat of what I  experience often at my hairdressers when a newbie washes my hair. They're a little shy and hesitant, and I can't relax and I don't know where to look. 
This experience was absolutely nothing of the sort. Jessica, my therapist, was firm and incredibly professional. I was so impressed with her skills and ability to make me feel as though I had 6 hands on me at one time. And in terms of relaxing, I found myself drooling through the face hole at one point, so you can assume I was thoroughly relaxed throughout, and afterwards.

I was also worried about my dignity - Especially with the following wrap treatment and the oh-so-glamorous paper pants. Never once, was this compromised and both myself and Dan conversed about the clever techniques they used to keep our modesty covered at all times. Neither of us felt awkward at any point during any of our treatments - All of the staff we encountered were happy, professional, knowledgeable and delivered refreshingly pleasant customer experience. 

I then received a detoxing Green Coffee Slim & Tone Wrap whilst Dan went off for a 'Hot Stones Vichy' hydro massage treatment. To my surprise, I think I enjoyed this treatment even more than the massage. Jessica explained how cellulite occured, and graded my cellulite (the depressing part). She then carried out effluarge and petrisage whilst exfoliating, to encourage lymphatic drainage - and then Jessica smothered me in a penetrating gel, and the green tea. I was then wrapped up in what I can only describe as cling film, various blankets and duvets and left to relax for a few minutes to allow the green tea to warm up, work its magic and begin to break down fat cells and transform them into energy. I was treated to a head massage before being unwrapped and left to shower. Jessica told me that what we'd done would also act as a diuretic as toxins are flushed from my body - And she wasn't wrong! My thighs looked so much firmer, and my skin softer - so much so, that I literally threw £50 at the shop assistant later on, for the anti-cellulite gel that Jessica applied after promising myself I wasn't going to spend any money in the spa shop! 

The spa itself is lovely and well worth a visit at least once - We were handed robes and slippers on arrival, as well as a bracelet which is used to lock/unlock lockers without a key, and to store a 'tab' of an individual visit - So if you wanted to buy a meal from the Springs Restaurant, you can pay for it on your departure rather than carrying money around with you. Herbal tea and cold water is available throughout the spa as well as plenty of lounge chairs and magazines to relax with.
The food, by the way, is out of this world. Thermae Bath Spa is worth the visit alone for that. We had pastries for lunch, and an outstanding main meal and dessert before we left. I was almost angry that the food was exclusive to the spa - If there was a restaurant that served the same food closer to home, you'd never find me in Chimichangas or Nando's again. 

I'd absolutely, without a doubt recommend a visit to Thermae Bath Spa - Myself and Dan have decided that we may well visit once a year to refresh ourselves, despite it being a 2-3 hour drive away. Even if you don't want to splash out on treatments, it's well worth visiting to take some time out, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the UK's only natural hot mineral springs. 

Dress - Lavish Alice
Blazer - Warehouse
Belt - Matalan


Top - New Look
Skirt - Primark
Necklace - Zara Taylor






We stayed in Brooks Guesthouse which was homely, comfortable and reasonably priced, and the breakfast was lovely. Unfortunately though, I was a little cold at night (though that's standard for me) and the 11 different wood finishes and strange attempts to restore old furniture within 1 small room really confused me. 

This post has turned into somewhat of a mammoth, but I'm obviously in love with Bath, and this isn't even half of the pictures we took. As you can probably tell, we visited the beautiful Abbey and  Roman Bath ruins whilst we were there, and hopped on a boat tour too! The scenery is gorgeous, full of history, and there's a number of well known shops to browse too as well as independent boutiques. I'm not sure why it took us so long to visit such a lovely part of the country - But if you haven't yet, what are you waiting for?

We're still looking for other nice places to visit - Stonehenge and Alnwick Castle are on the list! Where have you been that you loved? And where is on your list?

S xx



  1. Where to start!? This all sounds like such a wonderful trip. I haven't been to Bath since I was young but I remember it been a magical place.

    The spa sounds like perfection, those pictures make me want to go there NOW. In fact I have never actually been to a spa before. The heat treatment sounds right up my street and that roof top pool is so idyllic I want to go there!

    I really like your outfits too, especially the second one, and the necklace is fab and goes perfectly!

    Gorgeous photos of the town, I might have to take a trip back to Bath sometime soon.

  2. that looks like a really great place to visit!

    & that rooftop pool looks heavenly!

  3. I've wanted to go to Bath for absolutely ages! It look so beautiful and peaceful. The spa sounds amazing too. I'm going to show my boyfriend this post now and keep dropping hints ;)

    You should go to Winchester, I lived there for three years while I was at university and I love it so much. I can't wait to move back there! The Isle of Wight is beautiful too, definitely worth a visit.


  4. Sounds like a lovely relaxing treat before a tough year at uni (although hopefully not too tough :) ) I haven't been to Bath since I went there on a school trip when I was about seven, but I do remember it being a beautiful place.
    You look lovely in your floral dress and the photos are great.
    Mel x

  5. For someone who lives so close to Bath, I have shamefully never done the Spa!

  6. Oh hey Zqara Taylor necklace ;-) looks amazing on you! x

  7. saaaarah I can tell you now Alnwick Castle is shite i used to work there!!:P if youre gonna go that far youre much better off hitting up EDINBURGH youll love it! come to scotland.its much better than everywhere else muahahaha XXX

  8. Beautiful pictures and lovely outfits! I'm a new follower :)

  9. I loved your post - made me really want to visit Bath and the spa there. We've just come back from Scarborough which was a fab place to visit. We stayed at the Crown Spa hotel - and used the spa there, I thoroughly recommend the Mud Rasul Ritual with fire and ice - totally relaxing heaven. There is an option for couples so you can have your treatment together.
    I have also been to Alnwick Castle and it is a fairy tale place. The water gardens are breathtaking, but make sure you visit the treehouse for lunch - there is nowhere else quite like it. ;-)

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