Saturday, 25 August 2012

What I Wore // Leopard maxi & my favourite rings




Dress - New Look
Bag - eBay
Rings - Thomas Sabo, Greek tat shop
Bracelets - Warehouse, Primark
Sandals - Primark

Despite the unflattering full length photo (best of a very poor bunch, believe me), heres an outfit post from another evening where we ventured out for dinner at Nando's and the cinema to see Wedding Video! I've had this dress for years now, it almost doesn't fit anymore, pah!

This is probably the first picture showing the detail of my ring though. I've lovingly taken so many pictures of it but shared so few, for some reason. Dan wanted to buy us both a pair of 'promise' rings, but I refused to wear matching rings, though we almost ended up with some after falling in love with the same unisex ring. We must've been in Thomas Sabo for a total of 3 hours umming and ahhing over so many beautiful styles after being disheartened by everything any other jeweller in the Centre:MK had to offer. (Some of the best customer service I've experienced, if you can put up with my indecisiveness for that long, and I don't feel rushed, ha)!

After narrowing down the pile of 'maybe' rings, I had two to finally choose from. Dan, and both members of staff agreed that this one looked the best and suited me more, but I found myself disappointed by their answers. I knew this meant that really, although its chunkier, more awkward and £30 more expensive, deep down I wanted the crown ring as it was more unique and felt a little more 'me,' so we bought both of our rings and ran before I changed my mind again. I haven't taken it off since despite lightly stabbing myself a few times already.
I absolutely love Thomas Sabo! I find their style to have so much character, suited to so many different personalities, the service is awesome and the prices are fair!

Are you a fan of Thomas Sabo?
Who makes your favourite jewellery?

S xx


  1. Ooooh I love the crown ring and what a sweet story. With something like that I would probably take ten years to decide too, needs to be perfect!

    You know who makes my favourite jewellery ;) ME!

  2. Love this dress on you! And I absolutely adore your rings and bracelets :) x

  3. What a lovely story behind the rings!

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos Sarah! And love the maxi dress too.x

  5. You look stunning. You hair really suits you like that! And I have to agree with you, you definitely went for the right ring - it's bloody awesome! I love it x

  6. That Thomas Sabo ring is magical, I love it! x
    Island Girl Insights ♥

  7. Me and my sis LOVE the Thomas Sabo charm bracelets, i think the charms are so CUTE! You look really pretty in a maxi, Sarah! And of course, you accessorize so well xxxx

  8. Aaaah, such a lovely outfit! And I love the turquoise ring. x


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