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St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse Kit // Dark

                                                                                                                 St Moriz bronzing collection £6.99*                                   
(Pay attention to my left leg in the before picture, and my right leg in the after picture - This is where the light hits and where the difference can be seen )! 

I don't wear fake tan often - I have an old bottle of St Tropez which I used to wear for nights out and the like, and after it recently ran out I decided that I won't be repurchasing it. As great as it is, I couldn't justify the price for something that I use so slowly that it turns green whilst still in my possession (eek)!

Anyway, I was recently asked to try this kit, and share my thoughts on the well known St Moriz self-tan. Knowing what a bargain it is (£6.99 for this kit) I decided to give it a whirl and see if it really is a good dupe for St Tropez. I tried this a week before I went on holiday, giving it chance to fade before I got myself a real tan.

Before I mention the fake tan, I will gush about how fantastic the pre-tan exfoliator is. I have always skipped this step (oops) but absolutely love this formula, it is very gritty without  being scratchy, and smells lovely too!

So, the fake tan. I used the mousse as it seems less daunting and easier to apply - And this was as easy as I'd hoped  to apply using a mitt. It dried quickly and there were no problems with colour transference. However, from here onwards I began to panic somewhat. My knees and feet were looking a disgusting shade of dirt and colour was settling into my hair follicles despite purposely not shaving my legs a few days before applying the tan. Imagine my panic as I began to look like an escaped Oompa Loompa - I was desperate to jump in the shower but decided to wait and see for the purpose of this review. (Things I do, eh)?

Thankfully, after a few hours this had subsided and the tan looked a little less Oompa, and a bit more natural. After showering, I was much happier. the colour was deep, and not a patch in sight! The hair follicles on my shins were still discoloured, though this subsided after a second shower, and really only visible on closer inspection, phew. 

The colour lasted a good 3-4 days and faded evenly - I've read a few reviews noting that this tan faded in patches, but I did not have this problem at all whilst keeping my skin moisturised.

Would I buy it again? Yes, I think so. It doesn't quite live up to the lasting power of St Tropez, and I'd definitely recommend a shower before heading out in the tan - But the colour pay off is pretty much identical, and that's what this is about (though I wouldn't say its that 'dark'). Plus, its less than half the price, so if you're like me and don't wear tan every day, I'd definitely recommend it!

Have you tried this?
What did you think of it?

S xx


  1. £6.99 seems like a really decent price for this kit and the results look great!
    Cara x

    1. Good stuff - Its even cheaper if you just go for the mousse too!

  2. This stuff looks great. So natural. And the price is amazing. I want to try some now. Thanks for the review xo

  3. I sooooooooo wish this St Moriz was available in Canada, it's such a hassle to find a UK seller that is willing to ship to Canada! I have only tried the 'Dark' mousse and the color is exactly what I was expecting, although I'm one of the unlucky fews who have this problem of the tan fading in patches (mainly on my arms) and after only 3 days ):

  4. I'm too scared to try fake tan in case it goes wrong, but this looks really good and natural (: great review x

  5. I use this all the time, so easy to apply and you can see where you've applied it so no nasty streaky surprises when it develops! I 100% recommened this :) x

  6. I always use this on my legs as nothing else seems to come out! I really like this after a shower or two as well, definitely agree that it fades evenly! xx

  7. god im just so in love with st moriz. and theyve fnally brought it to where i live so i will never have to go without! ive tries so many different tanning products and the mousse is my favourite for price &quality!

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