Wednesday, 15 August 2012

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                                                                                      Yoo Moo £1.79*

I remember first trying frozen yoghurt at my local shopping centre stand, Frogz. This was years ago, and there was always a void after they'd removed the stand, because I definitely preferred the healthier alternative to ice cream. Imagine my absolute glee when I spotted a YooMoo stand a few months back, complete with multiple toppings to choose from. Well, before I had chance to even complete my loyalty card, the luxury of frozen yoghurt was taken away from me yet again, and a Mr. Pretzel now stands where my old love once was. 

When I was offered a chance to try the pots of YooMoo available in supermarkets, I was both excited and dubious. I'd tried Yeo Valleys frozen yoghurt before, and whilst it was scrummy, it was nothing like my favoured fresh alternative. I picked up three flavours, Devilmoo, with chocolate and brownies, Angelmoo with  berries, and Tropicalmoo with passionfruit and mango. Naturally, I was most excited about Devilmoo. How could chocolate and brownies possibly go wrong? In fact, I picked up 3, sure that I'd love it.

How wrong I was - Devilmoo has a definite artificial taste and texture, and is definitely not something I'd buy again. The other two however, taste absolutely gorgeous and really surprised me, despite still not being as good as the fresh offering. Angelmoo is my favourite, resembling the taste of LoveHeart sweets.
I bought these at 89p each which I think is fair. At £1.79 I may not have picked them up initially, but now that I've tried them I'll definitely be buying Angelmoo and Tropicalmoo again. I've since bought a bigger tub of strawberry swirl frozen yoghurt which is yummy blended with a cup of strawberries, and 1/2 a cup of milk!

Have you discovered any other flavours of YooMoo?
Are there any other frozen yoghurt yummies around that you've tried?
S xx


  1. I love tropical moo so yummy :D so sad to hear devil moo isn't as good :(

  2. I am so addicted to these, not as good as soft serve fro you though :(

  3. I tried the devilmoo too and it was absolutely disgusting! I haven't tried the other flavours because of that but I might give them a go after reading this.

  4. I love yoo moo, tropicalmoo is my favourite! I agree with you about devilmoo though, it didn't live up to my expectations xx

  5. I've never heard of these! I like "skinnycow" frozen yogurt, it's pretty yummy!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  6. I love the Devilmoo, I seem to be the only person that does lol!
    I haven't tried the other flavours yet x

  7. Ooh I almost grabbed one of these to try at the weekend but decided to be good damnit. I love fro yo!

  8. They do look lovely, shame the chocolate one wasn't great.



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