Tuesday, 12 June 2012

What I Wore // The 'Road Safety' shoot!

(Clunk click, every trip)!

Blouse - Matalan
Jeans - Matalan
Sandals - H&M
Sunglasses - Dorothy Perkins
Bracelets - H&M

Dan has recently been shooting on the topic of 'Road Safety' for the local council, for which I've let him use my beautiful car as a model, haha! This is a simple outfit I wore that day and a few strange out takes - Nothing special by any means, but I would like to draw your attention to these gorgeous H&M sandals which are, at the moment, my footwear of choice. Unfortunately though, its been raining for the past few days so they've been swapped for the wellies for the time being.
 I'm worried the rain is never going to stop...

Anyway, onwards with the revision!
What is everybody else up to mid-week?
S xx


  1. Really cute sandals!
    I totally adore the colour of those jeans!! Perfect for summer time!

  2. Your car is indeed beautiful! Love it :) love those cute jeans + sandals too perfect for a bit of warm weather (just need to sort that bit out now)


  3. the 500 is such a cute car! and you look lovely.

  4. love your car, its my dream car! :D can't drive yet, which, is a slight set back! love your jeans and sandals :)

  5. OH HI CAR TWIN! loving your cream interiors, i was stuck between those and the red but felt i'd get dirty way too quickly! also loving the colour of your jeans! x

  6. Mid week? That'll be more revision then, like you. I'll be at the halfway point this time tomorrow. Roll on Fri June 22nd!

    Love that you're look is so clean and fresh and spring like, looking fab as ever!

  7. Gorgeous I blooming love that car! Thanks for sharing your blog url with me on twitter I'll certainly be back again!

  8. Still enjoying these jeans a lot.you look very summery and breezy ^_^X

  9. Oh wow, love your jeans!! Sandals are so cute too :) xx

  10. Love the superman air freshener! Haha and those sandals are so lovely, hope the weather improves so you can wear them x x

  11. So pretty and stylish. Love the simple style.
    Love, VLL @ www.BroochOut.com

  12. Gorgeous outfit, I really do love those jeans the colour looks amazing on you.

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