Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I love it! // Bargain supermarket shoes

Left to Right:
£22 ,£10 & £7
All from Tesco

We've all done it. Strolled into the local supermarket with innocent intentions just to stock up on food essentials - and wandered curiously over to the clothing section. "I might as well whilst I'm here, there probably won't be much in here anyway!" Well, I tricked myself this time and walked out with a few new proud recruits for my shoe shelves - And at such a bargain. I've managed to bag 3 pairs of shoes for just under £40. Bargain!

Whilst I've never gone to Tesco's purely to look at the clothes, this seems to be a common occurrence these days. I also picked up some palazzo pants, yet somehow managed to resist a certain playsuit and jumper. I've also seen a flurry of gorgeous dresses in Asda recently; I am hereby locking my debit card away.

What bargains have you found in supermarkets recently?

S xx



  1. I was perusing the tesco shoe aisle earlier today and didn't see those gorgeous turquoise heels otherwise they would have come home with me...love them!

  2. Those are some cute shoes! I love them, Tesco do some good ones... I always love their winter heels and boots!!! xoxo

  3. Such adorable shoes! Can't believe you got them at a grocery store!

    <3 Jenny

  4. I used to get tempted every week! I found the quality used to really low, I only made that mistake a few times...

  5. These shoes are gorgeous, especially the glittery ones! I always used to head for clothing when I was in Tesco /Asda and its the first bit I head for whenever I'm back in the country now! xx

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  6. i definitely put my hand up and admit to always buying something from the supermarket.. yesterday's purchase was a phone case.. WHY OH WHY I DON'T EVEN NEED ONE?!!!
    but i like these tesco ones that are glittery and just like the topshop ones. may have to sack off asda this month and begin tesco!x

  7. such lovely shoes,love the black loafer :D

  8. Oooh I love the sparkly ones!

  9. I love those black glittery pumps! SO lovely!

  10. Just had a marathon reading session of your blog! Love the dip dye dress and the shoe selection!


  11. There are great for supermarket shoes! We don't have anything like that in Aus. Such a shame. YOu're lucky!

    Xox Soph

  12. Aha i loved this Supermarkets are great for little wonders like buying tops off the sale rail 4 sizes too big and wearing it as a dress cost about £3 bargain xx

  13. I love the glittery pair! I try to stay out of the clothes/shoes sections sometimes at the supermarket as always end up wanting to buy so much!

    Caroline x
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  14. oooh - tesco is GREAT for clothes and Im loving these bargains, i may have to take a trip :) x

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