Thursday, 3 May 2012

Photo Diary // 1

 Lots of pink // Last drive in my old car // Poser niece // Strange but beautiful creation
 Getting the family together // Told dad I didn't want much to eat - Got this // Old car
Love is all around you // Friends // Best chili I've ever eaten // Cervical spine revision
 New car (Yeah, the same)! // Enrapture curls // Sunset by the sea // Boyfriend 'Nap Trap'
Webcam friends // Playing with make up // Scary iron man mask

The nosey part of me absolutely loves this type of post - So I'm jumping on the bandwagon. This type of post won't be too often, and I'm sure they won't all be this big as there's not that much going on during exams (or erm, nothing at all except boring revision) but I hope you enjoy a little insight into what I've been getting up to! 

S xx



  1. those millions bars always intrigue me...are they nice?

  2. What?! where the heck can you buy strawberry millions chocolate?! strange....but I like the idea!!

    Following you via GFC now :-)

    Amanda x


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