Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Importance of a Sports Bra // Shock Absorber 'Run' Bra

I fell off the gym wagon thanks to moving house, intense university and especially exams. I’ve gained weight but am not on a mission to shed it before entering my 3rd year. I’m studying to be a Physiotherapist so from my point of view it’s imperative that I set a good example. I also have PCOS so it’s much harder for me to lose weight, and it’s extra important to stay healthy due to a much higher risk of diabetes, heart disease. Nipping it in the bud and all that!

First things first, I joined Virgin Active who have been great so far – And I’ve chosen to pay more for a ‘opt out at any time’ rollover contract after the single worst ‘customer service’ experience of my life trying to cancel my Fitness First contract 4 years ago.

One prime factor that I’ve noticed since joining the gym is the lack of supporting sports bras. Not that I go around staring at chests, but I’m definitely observant. I can’t help but analyse the running posture of the fella in front of me on the treadmill. (I’m sorry, it’s just practice)!

Because I’ve gained weight, I’ve also grown in that particular department which isn’t such a bad thing. However, I also thought the time was right to use a ‘proper’ sports bra rather than my cheap Nike bra crop top. I know the importance of a decent sports bra and was not sure the simple encapsulating style was going to cut it for me much longer and I wanted more definition, almost like cups!
It is really, really important to support your breasts when partaking in any activity where they’re likely to be moving a little more than during your usual day to day tasks. Mainly to avoid tearing the coopers ligament and the presence of micro tears within the breast tissue. After seeing women go about their ways on the treadmill with no bra, an iconic push up bra that Lady Gaga has worn on stage (I forget the name of it), or just a really poorly supporting, loose sports top, I was lucky enough to be offered a choice of sports bra from the amazing Simply Beach, and I chose a Shock Absorber ‘Run’ bra to keep my assets in place.

This sports bra is easy to put on, though I can see how it’d be a little difficult to put on if you’re doing up both clasps every time, but I’ve set the top clasps and leave them done up. I just pop the bra over my head and now only adjust the clasp at the lower part, so it’s just like a normal bra really!

I’ve been trying out the Shock Absorber run bra for a couple of weeks and can say that it is definitely worth investing in a decent sports bra, whatever your bra size. The bra is snug with no chafing at all, and movement is contained within the bra itself. Movement is comfortable and very minimal. The bra is proven to reduce the figure 8 movement of breasts by up to 78% - Yikes!

However, supporting abilities aside, I’m amazed at this sports bra’s capability to wick away sweat. At the end of my workout, the bra is damp inside, whilst I’ve felt dry throughout. I hate, HATE sweaty boobs, so this is a feature I am so incredibly appreciative of.  

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So, are you guilty of inadequate support?

S xx


  1. I started running again recently and a sports bra is a must! Mine is a Lonsdale one I found in a sale but it's snug and comfy :) Yours looks so cool though!

    1. Sale always helps - And anything restricting movement is great. I didn't realise how good they came though until I traded my simple Nike one for this, its bizaare! It does help that it looks awesome - I prefer not to wear a top as I hate layering up in the gym!

  2. I've always been pro sports bras and have been guilty of wearing one that is too tight!

  3. I always find them so unflattering but might have to invest in one. I like that sports wear is being more fashion focused xxx

  4. Be grateful you have relatively small boobs though, mine are way bigger than that and NOTHING keeps them in place that well, not even a Shockabsorber running bra. :-(

  5. Brilliant post..and I love how tastefully done the photos are :) x

  6. I always find it difficult to find a sports bra that isn't an absolute mission to put on! Mine is like a workout just getting it on! x

  7. great bra and blog ;)

    check out my blog and, if you want, let's follow each other on GFC or Bloglovin' or both ;)


  8. That bra is amazing, it is super important to use a good quality one for any type of exercise!
    I also cant go to the gym without a good one!
    Im a new follower :)


  9. You have a good sports bra right there! Physical activity causes the breast to bounce, so it is indeed important to make sure that it fits you properly. Not just for maximum support, but for your comfort as well.


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