Sunday, 8 January 2012

The beginners guide to long lasting lipstick application // Tutorial Video

So here it is, my first YouTube video! I'm really pleased with it! You can see in certain points I'm looking at my boyfriend, who is filming, and trying not to laugh - Its really strange being filmed! There are SO many outtakes from my introductory video where I'm just refusing to talk and acting silly, I just feel like an idiot talking to a camera...

You can also find aforementioned introduction video under my YouTube profile too, if you really want to listen to my dreadful voice. Its funny, I've been put off doing these videos for so long, purely because I hate my voice after years of being told I look and sound like a man. Hmm, people are so cruel.

In short, here are the tips (Though I'm obviously a novice)! //

Use sugar scrub/sugar to remove dead skin
Apply lip balm (preferably petroleum free) and blot off excess
Apply lip liner and colour in lips slightly
Apply a layer of lipstick with brush - Try not to stretch the lips!
Hold tissue over lips and blot with powder
Apply another layer of lipstick with brush
Apply highlight to cupids bow and centre of lower lip
Remove excess lipstick with blotting tissue, or pull finger through lips
Add lip gloss if wanted to intensify the colour, though this will lower the lasting time

Let me know what you think! 

S xx

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  1. These are great tips. On a morning when I have more time, I will definitely try this out. I don't like having to reapply lipstick on the train platform. haha :p


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