Friday, 9 December 2011

What I Wore // Red Dress

I wouldn't have bought this dress last year due to the emphasis around the hip area, but in accordance to my semi- recent promise not to care, I bought this beauty after being attracted to the colour. I'm also currently coveting the striped version of this dress!

Dress & Belt - New Look
Bracelets - Primark
Tights - New Look
Velvet Jelly Shoes - Melissa

I wore this to go to mine and my boyfriends favourite restaurant, with rustic wooden tables and an open burning fire, so romantic and amazing food! Its nice to support a smaller more independent establishment rather than the usual Wagamamas and TGI's (though I'll always love them) once in a while!

Whats your favourite place to eat?

S xx


  1. I love this style of dress they're so versatile and perfect for day or night! That restaurant looks lovely :) I agree it's nice to go somewhere different once in a while! x

  2. such a beautiful dress, the color is lovely!! xx

  3. awh! i adore the berry colour - what a romantic restaurant! Me & matt always say we should support little restaurants but we all ways end up in Chitiqous! xxx

  4. i love to eat at nandos, mmmm spicy chickennn :D
    i actually love the dress, what a beautiful colour! :D
    Rosie xo

  5. I got the same dress in dark green and the stripy one you've mentioned. It is really gorgeous! X

  6. you look gorgeous, the dress fits you so well...
    My favourite place to eat is our village pub/restaurant. They make some super tasty grub.

  7. Love the dress! The colour is gorgeous.

    My favourite place to eat is probably Aroma. Love Chinese food!

    Tess x

  8. The colour of your dress really suits you!
    This little restaurant looks gorgeous too!x

  9. That dress looks really lovely on you :) xx

  10. one of my favourite places to et in london is wagamama (<3 the food there). :D love your styling- it looks a bit retro chic, and a bit CK minimalism= GREAT MIX! :DD



  11. Love the coour of your dress! Well my boyfriend and i love to eat at this fancy restaurant for our anniversaries. Its called the D'artagnan in Adelaide, australia and its really lovely quite intimate dining :)

  12. great post!
    love the red dress, love

  13. I have that dress! Think it suits your more though! :P such a gorgeous colour xx

  14. your boyfriend is one lucky son of a gun. He must be incredibly handsome, swell, and kind, generous, supportive...

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  16. Seriously cute! Pay no mind to body hangups - youre lovely!

    WIN Vintage on my blog!

  17. great blog! keep up the great posts!!

    Happy holidays!


  18. Love this dress !

  19. It looks lovely on you! you definitely shouldn't care! x

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