Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I love it! // iPhone 4 Kate Spade case!

After trading in my old and painfully slow iPhone 3 for a swish new iPhone 4, I of course had to find a new case to fit it. The thing is, I'm incredibly clumsy and somehow manage to lose everything, so I needed to find a case that was hardwearing and eye-catching; a seemingly impossible task, let me assure you. I spotted (pun definitely intended) this beauty in the Apple store, but got it for £10 less than the RRP on eBay!

I would've loved it even more if the pink touch was actually red, but I'm crazy for wanting to match my phone to my car, right? Its incredibly hardwearing, and although it adds definite bulk to the phone, I got used to this amazingly quickly and now love it!

What do you think of my case? What kind of case do you have on your phone? 

S xx



  1. I can't imagine not having a case now & actually if I ever take the case off of my iphone 4, it suddenly feels 'fragile', delicate & incredibly thin. Perhaps that is just me though - I have a 'vintage' feel rose design that I love, but that has taken a lot of knocks a long the way - time for a new one I feel. x

  2. aww i love this! its so cute! i dont have a cover for mine! i cant afford one! they are so darn expensive!

  3. Love it! I have a case which doesn't stop the phone landing on the glass screen when it falls - grrr!

    Emma xx

  4. I love this case... I need an iPhone- Blackberries just don't cut it...x

  5. what a gorgeous case! i am getting my iphone in december, i couldnt be more excited. your ring is so pretty. xx

  6. I love Kate Spade's designs, if I had an iPhone I'd definitely want to get this case! x

  7. Love this case, I'm desperate for an iphone!xx


  8. Amazingg! It makes me want an Iphone more now. I have a poopy BB, and i'm one of those people who see's something new and shiny and wants it. So yeah, 5 months after a BB and I'm bored!
    Your photo is awesome too.x

  9. Oooh I love it :) I have the ugliest black leather inherited case to match my inherited phone!x

  10. So cute!!! I dont own an iphone so theres no cool case !


  11. I keep my phone in a leather case! This way the fabric inside protects the screen from dust or whatever and cleans it anytime I put the phone back in the case.
    Yours is lovely, the dots are cute!

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    Happy new follower;)!

    kisses from italy,

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  14. gorgeous case, I saw it the other day and it immediately caught my eye. If I had an iphone I'd definitely get this!

  15. I recently got the Iphone 4s in white and it is currently wearing the otterbox in white - NO fun! Lol, but I am glad that I am able to live vicariously throuh you and Kate, with this super cute case ;].

  16. I love that ring!

    Thea Natalie @ Creatures of Life

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