Sunday, 4 September 2011

What I Wore // With a difference!

So here's an outfit post with a bit of a twist - Last night, my boyfriend and I had a few minutes to spare before meeting friends at TGI Fridays, so we ran across to his studio for a quick play, and here are the results! 

(All pictures courtesy of Two-D Studios)

Blazer - H&M
Bodysuit - Asda
Scarf - Tesco
Jeans - New Look
Earrings - Warehouse
Bracelets - Tiffany, Thomas Sabo & Accessorize
Ring - JWLRY

Make up //
Lancome effacernes longue tenue concealer
Amazing concealer
Estee Lauder double wear light foundation
Lancome color ideal poudre
17 'first kiss' blusher
Lancome 'blush subtil' highlighter
Urban Decay 'naked' palette around eyes
Dior blackout mascara
Topshop 'sorbet' lipgloss

I never ever thought I'd say that I'm actually quite looking forward to Autumn (Is it here, is it not)!? but summer has been rubbish. The only real sun I saw was from inside an exam room, or, even more torturous,  from inside my room revising mainly the oh so thrilling subjects of anatomy, physiology, cardiorespiratory and neuroscience...

I'm waiting for the comfort of curling up with my dog, a blanket and a hot chocolate, or ice skating in Hyde Park with my friends and my boy, thanking heaven for gloves and boots! 

Oh, and I need an excuse to buy Hunter wellies...

S xx

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  1. Lovely pictures! :))) I like how that pink scarf goes with stripes! Also, the ring is a perfect detail ;)
    Btw, you have perfect hair ;)

  2. Gorgeous blog post!!!
    Would you be interested in a clothes swap blog feature by any chance??
    Pop over to my blog for details about it :)


  3. oh I love these shots, you look amazing. your hair is looking fab as always. Wish I could play around in a studio...

  4. I'd love to cuddle with my dog too! :) I can't say I'm excited about the upcoming seasons (I LOVE summer), but I think there's nothing for me to do except buy few A/W items. ;) X

  5. Totally feel your pain re exams and revision.. sucks. I never wanna do neuro ever again. Really cute outfit xo

  6. I love summer, but as you said, there was none, so roll on the autumn, my favourite season! wahey! for all the reasons you mentioned!!

  7. Pretty outfit =) Love your photos!

  8. Wow, beautiful pictures, your skin looks absolutely flawless!

  9. lovely scarf

  10. love the photos. . and I also love that ring you bought from lily. . hmm, you look amazing. Ive been looking for a blazer simmilar, but Im very picky so it has to be just right!

  11. These pics are stunning how fabulous that you have this amazing studio and that you can just run across to it the pictures are beautiful I love the lighting xoxo


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