Sunday, 7 August 2011

I love it! // Camping (or glamping) in the New Forest!

Earlier on in the week myself and a friend visited the New Forest armed with a tent, camping chairs and other appropriate things that filled my tiny car to the brim. This was my first experience with camping in a tent. (I don't really count staying in my Nan's caravan when I was a nipper, I'm not sure why - It just doesn't seem to count as camping)! I haven't had a 'break' all year, so was seriously excited about going. 

After deciding not to plan too much and just to go for it, we ended up staying in Hollands Wood, next to a quaint old village called Brockenhurst. The forest is inhibited by wild horses and cows, and whilst the cows seem to stay amongst the common, the horses certainly weren't shy, and its really such a nice sight! 

We may have slightly cheated on the camping front, as we ate out both of the two nights that we stayed, and spent an entire day in Bournemouth at the beach, which was amazingly one of the best beaches I've been on. I can't believe such a place exists in this country! 

I really wasn't sure how I'd deal with camping - But I absolutely loved it, lack of hair straighteners and all, though I must say the forest's shower facilities were above and beyond expectation. 
Sometimes its nice to forget the norm of hair straighteners and perfect make up, stomp around in the mud and go back to basics somewhat, even if only for two short nights. 

S xx



  1. this post made me wanna cry! WAHHH when i lived down south my housemate would drive us to the new forest for picnics and to hide from the horses :'( and when it was hot we'd go to b'muff beach.. which i agree is probs the best beach EVER. so so lush! glad you had a nice time lover xxx

  2. Ah see when I was a kid I lived up north, so theres so many places down south I haven't been! Bournemouth is LOVELY! Dunno how I left it til I was 22 to discover this, oops! I can't believe you got to do that often, sounds AWESOME! Get back on it :D xx

  3. aww lovely post! i live in the new forest (and work in brockenhurst!) and it is such a lovely area :) if you come back, you should visit beaulieu (a tiny village six miles from brock) - it's full of donkeys who roam the roads & are really friendly! x

  4. I am a seasoned camper and have to say I love being out in the countryside with few mod cons. Its so liberating and good fun!

  5. I read this and straight away said to the boyf "How far away is Bornemouth?" - I want to go! Shame the weather forecast is a bit rubbish for the next few weeks


  6. Looks like you had a great time!
    I'm not the biggest fan of camping, but I'm glad you had a good time =)

  7. the new forset is the most beautiful place!
    i love it there!


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