Friday, 10 June 2011

What I Wore

I wouldn't normally post outfit posts this often, but I haven't had much time to blog recently, and this is a relatively quick way to update, so here we go!

Blazer - H&M
Vest - Primark
Jeans - New Look
Bracelets - Accessorize/Thomas Sabo
Brooch - Sunday Girl Accessories 

I'm a pear shape. I have a small waist, small chest and relatively narrow shoulders. I also have big hips and actually, I'm packing quite a generous rump behind. Most magazines would advise me to avoid light colours on the lower half; 'choose clothes with a lot of detail up top to balance out the wideness of your hips.' 'Wear wide leg trousers that drape over your thighs.' For years, I've followed this rule after practically being told that big hips are something we should hide, and that an hourglass figure is the most desired. And you know what? I don't care any more! I like light coloured and skinny shaped jeans, so I'm going to wear them, and actually, I think they look alright. 

Yes, they certainly do accentuate my big bum and wide hips more than dark coloured jeans and leggings, but so what? What is actually wrong with a pear shape? Shouldn't we embrace all of the different but beautiful variety of body shapes? From here onwards, if I want to wear that dress that flares at the hips or the strapless body con dress - I will, and I'll do my best to hold my head up high and suppress my reservations. (With exception, of course, I won't be doing a Gaga). If Beyonce can show off her hips and still look delicious, what's stopping me?

S xx 


  1. You look gorgeous! The blazer is perfect on you


  2. It's a lovely outfit, you look really pretty! :)

  3. You go girl! Haha but I totally agree. What it really comes down to is that you're loving what you're wearing which will then just exude confidence! Rock those hips :)

  4. You look lovely! I love the jacket especially it's gorgeous :)

    I love that you're mentioning your bodyshape in this post I've just done a bodyshape post ha-ha. It's so true we have to embrace our shape and just go with it :) power to you!


  5. oooh pretty layout!
    love your jeans :D
    Rosie xo

  6. Great blazer! I like it a lot :) ...we don't have H&M :(
    I love outfit posts, so for me - it's the best way to update :) and your style is very nice, so feel free to post more outfits :D

  7. you always look fab Sarah, I've not actually noticed you were a pear. The new blog design is lovely, very pretty.

  8. You look absolutely gorgeous! Also, may I say I am loving the new layout and design of your blog, it's fabulous!

    Much love :)

  9. Looking rather fabulous whilst (figuratively) sticking your 2 fingers up at convention. Loving the look, and quite right, why should we do as we're told or hide away?!

    Oh and as an hourglass- it may be deemed desirable, but having a size 16 bust and a size 10 waist and size 12/14 hips is an absolute bitch to get clothes to fit for.

  10. Oh wow, you've got a Sunday Girl brooch! Stephanie from Sunday Girl happens to be my far-more-talented sister, so I have a lot of her jewellery. The little birdies are one of my favourite designs of hers - it looks great on your blazer!

  11. congrats on embracing your figure and wearing what you want to/ i understand why people put these rules out there, in theory they do work but when it comes to dress its about what feels right and if you can work a pair of light coloured skinny jeans then they'll look great no matter what. the best way to wear anything is with the right attitude, if you can wear it proud then everyone is going to notice and think you look great

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  12. Those jeans are beaut! The outfit is amazing! :')

  13. I just came by your blog from Integrating Alyse, and it makes me so happy to see a celebration of pear shapes. Why DO they say to 'take the focus away from the hips': what's wrong with having hips??
    I'm not sure I quite classify as a pear: I have a small waist and chest but my hips and shoulders are probably the same width. I do think the pear shape is beautiful though, and gets far too much negativity.
    Ignore the rules, you look seriously brilliant in those jeans, and your figure is beautiful :)

  14. love your jacket!

  15. Such a classic outfit, it's beautiful.

  16. I love your blazer :)

    Love Christine♥

  17. That's a gorgeous blazer :) i really like the colour x


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